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    I'm very fond of lemon extract. In the winter, when lemons are cheap and plentiful, first I make a bunch of salt-preserved lemons. Then I take some more and remove the zest and squeeze for juice, which is frozen in ice cube trays. The zest is added to a jar, with 100 proof vodka and allowed to...
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    Local Vitamin C Sources

    It's a fact that every place that humans have settled, there was a source of Vitamin C (well, of COURSE! otherwise the humans that settled there died out!) Orange juice has been touted for Vitamin C mainly because it tastes so good, but it's neither the only nor best source. Pine Needles, Rose...
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    best dehydrator

    I found that, in the winter if I really want tomatoes in my tacos or something, I open and drain a can of diced tomatoes. Tomatoes that are headed for canning are usually picked ripe, because they will have such a short trip to the canning facility. The flavor is much better than store-bought...
  4. Britesea the pot, nine days old

    Truly, do you think you would be here today if this was dangerous? Your ancestors would have died out long since! This is what pretty much EVERYONE did, back in the day. You kept the fire going all the time, because it's too much trouble to start a fire every time you want a cup of tea or...
  5. Britesea the pot, nine days old

    It should last all winter if you really do that. I usually also bring my stock to a full boil for about 5 minutes once a day.
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    Wahls Protocol Diet (on a budget)

    The oatmeal might stick longer if you put cream or butter in it. I dunno if that works with the Wahls Protocol, but it would help with the hunger pangs.
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    Still sick, so nothing physical getting down out there. What I did was Praise God The Rains Came!
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    what kind of canner do you have? This is a problem with the All American; after a while, under heat and pressure, the lid gets molded to fit the bottom perfectly and it becomes difficult to open. Apparently the answer is to rub a very light film of oil over the surfaces
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    Makes sense that it would prefer cool weather since the Incas grew it in the Andes. I believe the wild version of it is what we call Goosefoot or Lambsquarters. Insects tend to avoid the seeds because of the saponins. The wild version has smaller seed with apparently a thicker seed coat, so...
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    Living Local

    We discovered that there is a tool "library" close by. They accept donations, decent used tools of all types. They sell the extras at the local Farmers Market in order to raise money to buy more tools. You borrow the tools- anything from automotive to plumbing- for a set amount of time, just...
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    best dehydrator

    I bought some of the solid round trays to put in my Excalibur when I am drying liquids (like fruit puree) or very small items because the Excalibur comes with mesh trays.
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    best dehydrator

    They made stuff to last, back then
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    Cold Frames

    there are automatic window lifters for greenhouses that you might be able to adapt. They have some sort of liquid that expands as the temp rises, and you can set it for different temps
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    *sigh* The chickens have been enjoying the tomatoes since I have no energy (because of Covid) to do anything with them, and no room in the freezer even, to freeze them
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    best dehydrator

    Been real happy with my 9 tray Excaliber for years. It also works very nicely as a defroster- way better than using a microwave