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    Haven't done much posting lately :( But I'm still freeze drying stuff; shredded cheese, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, eggs. I did some meat, but it seems to get a little tough; I think it works better already cooked instead of raw.
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    Any fellow sauerkrauters here?

    I would think ANY bread counts as a fermented food. I've read that bread may have started out as a batch of beer that boiled dry (ancient Egypt- their so-called beer was more of a fermented porridge)
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    Any fellow sauerkrauters here?

    I have used a zip lock filled with more of the brine. It's usually enough to keep everything below the water level, and if the zip lock springs a leak the escaping brine won't change the brine ratio in the jar.
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    Predator control for native wildlife

    Knew a guy that liked to hunt wild pigs with 2 dogs and a knife. One day, he didn't come home. They eventually found part of one of the dogs and a piece of his shirt...
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    2023 Resolutions

    #1 Pray more #2 Trust God more #3 ...
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    Predator control for native wildlife

    Actually, Black bears can be more dangerous than grizzlies. If a grizzly attacks a human, they mostly just mess you up some, but black bears will hunt you down to kill and eat. I knew someone in Alaska that told us about how a black bear stalked her neighbor for three days until it found a way...
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    Is a frugal lifestyle miserable?

    One thing I've learned to do is, I buy the best quality clothing I can afford-- natural fibers and well made if possible. If I can find them in a thrift store or a yard sale, that's a bonus... but it doesn't happen often because we live in an area that has been financially depressed since I was...
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    How to make your home feel warmer (without turning up the heat)

    Used to be an old saying "If your feet are cold, put on a hat"
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    this place is worthless for my needs

    The cheapest price we found was $.58/lb, but you had to buy $50 worth of other stuff, which turned out to be pretty easy because I wanted to donate a bunch of stuff to the church pantry. We are enjoying the most delicious soup from the leftovers now...
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    How to make your home feel warmer (without turning up the heat)

    One year, DH bought me a reindeer hide for Christmas. Instead of wrapping it, he waited until I was asleep and draped it over me in bed. That night, I kept dreaming I was in really hot places, like Death Valley. I finally woke up enough to try to push blankets off, and my hands encountered the...