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    housing crash again?

    What's your fav song? Mine is, Still Raining, Still Dreaming.
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    Meet Pearl, New Horse

    Only the coolest G-Ma ever!
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    300 million potentially habitable planets in the milky way

    Space Force done anything yet? Good question, IDK...
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    Air layering

    Little woodworkers trick... That wax from the toilet ring is also great for driving screws and nails.
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    Air layering

    Got my large closing balls in today. Can't wait to try them out. Small on the left, large on the right
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    Early Spring 2021???

    To bad could'nt have slipped wither in there a time or two. wither the weather. Whether we like it or not
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    My wife's dog

    Baby bear gets the vest of shame! My wife tried everything, short of a cattle prod (which I said she should get) to stop baby bear from pulling her all over the place like a little girl. When she takes him out on the leash to use the bathroom. You know he's a good 150lbs and strong like a bull...
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    Govt Stimulation burning a hole in my pocket.

    Still ordering trees... Has anyone ever eaten a butternut nut before? Can you tell me was it any good...
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    housing crash again?

    Today < RIGHT NOW > is the greatest day to be alive!
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    housing crash again?

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    Always hungry
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    300 million potentially habitable planets in the milky way
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    housing crash again?

    No better day to be alive, than today :)