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    It really Looks good. I just had the last 50 done and the guy weighed some. They were a month past when I planned to do them due to several reasons. I can and have done them by myself, but it is too much work with very many and I am in the middle of moving and never planned to raise any this...
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    Where are all the lids???

    I've been reusing lids for years. I pick through and make sure the lids aren't bent, the rubber part is not compressed real flat... put them in a pan and simmer for a bit.... yeah, keep them hot and sterile for using but I like to have them simmer a bit as it seems to plump up the rubber edge a...
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    Cute smiles..... little imps;):thumbsup
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    Govt Stimulation burning a hole in my pocket.

    That's flatter and nicer than many of our hayfields!!!!!
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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    I stick the strings in my pocket, and then they get wrapped onto a ball of string.... sometimes I use some of the string for something.... yeah, "pieces" instead of one continuous....but useable.... I like the idea of crocheting with them.....Would be nice to learn how to do that....could do...
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    Since I had the ankle replacement and went to PT.... and the ankle did so good, but I was having/still have ALOT of pain in the knees, they switched their focus to the knees. It hurts some and I have exercises... but the thing is, it feels better afterwards. No knives, surgery, cutting...
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    SS cafe

    Rainy, wet here too. Started after midnight, don't know how much yet, haven't looked at the gauge. Had 1.1 inches on Friday..... Sat was half sun but much warmer, 60's. Today in the 40's and supposed to get colder tonight again. It is Winter...... Too bad some of us don't live closer. We...
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    I would take snow over landslide possibilities any day of the week..... WOW.... sure hope that you don't get all that rain and the ground will stay stable under your feet.
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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    The reason this makes sense is because it is telling the person WITH TB, to do these things. It is not telling the rest of the world to hole up and go into hibernation and let everything else in life stop.....It is not telling perfectly healthy people that they have to be "quarantined"...
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    Down to 10 this morning. Sun is out but I think it is "frozen sun"..... don't feel any warmth. up to maybe 28 today I think. Tomorrow supposed to be up near 50..... it was just 3 days ago that it was in the 60's..... That 1 1/2 inches of rain we had Christmas eve froze pretty hard on the...
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    @Mini Horses .... sorry you lost the power....we didn't get the wind that strong here. It sure has been cold today and getting colder..... Oh well, it is December.... winter..... that means cold and snow. We had 1 1/2 inches rain then a mini-"blizzard" for about an hour.... woke up to a fair...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to everyone also. Lift a cup to a better, healthier and "saner" new year.
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    Raining here, more to come. Warm here and then temps are supposed to drop with possible light snow before it ends. Cold as all get out tomorrow..... 60's today 30 tomorrow....
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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    Don't wear a mask on any farm I test and haven't seen one single worker/milker on a dairy wearing one. Wear one for PT and shopping where they insist. But I shop seldom and try to not patronize stores that absolutely require it. Had a neighbor come to get some snips off the holly tree...
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    Govt Stimulation burning a hole in my pocket.

    Can I ask where she got that shirt? It would be perfect for my son's b'day in Feb!!!!! That is adorable. Especially since he has more tractors than I can count. Kudos to your respect for the neighbor. How are things going for him and his wife? Her health? You are a nice neighbor.