My real name is Avery, and I live away from the city in a small town. I own chickens, ducks, horses, and 2 goats! I love DIYing, baking, and living in the country! I also have a dog named Comet, and 2 kitties Named, Stash, she has a mustache, and Surprise, who we nicknamed Sup, which became, Suppy, and then Duppy Do! 😁 I am excited to lend a hand to all of you additional Diyers, animal keepers, and bakers! If any of you have any animal injuries, or questions, I am also a member of BYC, and BHY and happy to help! - Avery
October 30
Small town in Washington
What Aspects Of Sufficient Living Interest You?
What to lend a hand to other DIYers!
Future vet, and livestock slave!


Quote of the month- Making mistakes is better then faking perfections- Anonymous
Recipe of the week- Paleo+ option- Chocolatey Paleo cake, with Paleo meringue frosting!
Normal recipe option- Cinnamon spice apple whoopee pies!




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