Well i am a US Navy Sailor who has come from the Tenn Valley, I've been active duty for over 23 years and prepping for retirement back the the TN valley area ( we made it back). We have some acreage, and looking for options for work. I've been on the site a few years and we have been taking a break from self sufficiency since we are very restricted where we had been living. We still make our own breads, cheese, soaps and crafting. sooner or later we will be able to go hog wild.
February 15
Leoma TN
What Aspects Of Sufficient Living Interest You?
Gardening, building, off grid living
Soon to be Retired Squid! Hull Maintenance Technician Chief USN


"If you don't like the way I do it, I'll let you try." - David Glen Thornton David Glen Thornton


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