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  1. cluckmecoop7

    I'm back!

    I'm back everyone! My name is Jessa and I live in Maine. :) I joined the forum about a year ago, but I haven't been active lately. I'm currently thinking about making homemade candles and soap, so I came here to learn! Some of you might also know me from BYC - I'm VERY active over there, LOL...
  2. cluckmecoop7

    I'm back!

    Hello all, I joined a month or two ago (not exactly sure how long). I have not been very active at all but now that it is getting closer to spring I decided to come and learn about being self sufficient!! I want to work hard this spring/summer and have a garden, healthy fresh eggs for my back...
  3. cluckmecoop7

    SS cafe

    Well well, I thought we needed a place to hang out and talk around here. BYC (sister sight) has a cafe, so why not one here? Well, this thread can get as big as it wants...and hopefully people will like to come in and have a cup of coffee in the morning - or any time of day. :caf - Clucky
  4. cluckmecoop7

    First hatch with a broody!

    Today is day 16 for hatching two eggs with a broody hen! I can't wait to have little baby chicks again (hopefully)! Well, long story short: I used to have three eggs but on day 12 or 13, egg #3 just...just disappeared. I'm thinking the mother pushed it out of the nest because it was a dud and...
  5. cluckmecoop7

    Just wanted to say....

    Just wanted to say: I built my own chicken coop! (Including the run.) I don't have pictures right now, sorry. But, I do have a question: What percent of people build there own coops?? Thanks! - Clucky
  6. cluckmecoop7

    Growing sunflowers to eat... (You AND you animals!

    I grew sunflowers this summer, and when they were ready to be harvested, I, well, harvested them! (Of I decided to save some money on chicken food, so I fed sunflower seeds, as well as chicken food. But I used a smaller amount of chicken food while the sunflower seeds lasted, so I...
  7. cluckmecoop7

    How do I turn salty water into drinking water?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering - incase of an emergency - how do I turn salty river/ocean water into clean drinking water? (Of course, the way can't include electricity in this case. :D) Thanks! - Clucky
  8. cluckmecoop7

    Hi Everyone! :)

    Hi all! :frow I'm new here, and I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun and enjoying this community. :celebrate I already belong to BackYardChickens and BackYardHerds, so I thought I'd check out this place too! The main reason I joined is because I want to find out all about preparing for a...