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  1. sunsaver

    Non-Electric Appliances, Tools, And Gadgets.

    I have a wash tub with drain and water plumbed in, an ice box with a drain and p-trap, hand powered drill, a food mill, and hand-powered egg beater. I also have a passive solar water heater, wood-burning stove, and kerosene lanterns. I still have a long wish list of non-electric gadgets...
  2. sunsaver

    Is Irene New York City's "Katrina"

    I heard that a storm surge could flood Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, knock out power, flood the subways, take out cell phones, disrupt the internet, etc. This could be just the type of SHTF event that me and my friends on here have been warning about. I think i would rather leave early than get...
  3. sunsaver

    Leg cramp/pain! Leg is 75% better.

    I have a pain deep in my calf muscle. It comes on real sharp sometimes. Other times it just aches. This has been going on for three days now and i'm getting worried that it will never go away. What is this? What should i do? I have been sitting around a lot. I used to walk all day in the garden...
  4. sunsaver

    Things To Stock Up On: in case the SHTF

    I don't recommend spending a ton of money at once. Whats even worse is panic buying when a real emergency such as winter storm or hurricane are on their way. Just buy a little extra of these items, each time you go shopping: Salt and pepper and other dry spices like garlic powder Powdered or...
  5. sunsaver

    What's Your All-Time Favorite TV theme song or music?

    You can make a list if you want. Rockford files, Cheers, Seinfeld, etc.
  6. sunsaver

    What's Your All-Time Favorite TV theme song or music?

    You can make a list if you want. Rockford files, Cheers, Seinfeld, etc.
  7. sunsaver

    You're Not Allowed To Be Self Sufficient

    Giant corporations are working hard to systematically take away the rights of small farms and would be home growers. This topic goes beyond politics, into the realm of basic human rights. These corporations are spending millions on lobby money and campaign contributions to both Democrats and...
  8. sunsaver

    SS projects, solar hot water design - Sunsaver's tech stuff

    Ive been interested in earth batteries for some time now, but never got around to tying out. "Free" energy inventions is one of those things i'll serf the net for when i'm getting in my vodka time before bed. Some of the things are neat. My little LED lantern has a joule thief in it, and it will...
  9. sunsaver

    Foraging for Food- The weed identification thread.

    Part of being prepared for an emergency is having food on hand, or knowing how to secure food in a crisis. Along with hunting and fishing skills, you should be aware of all the edible wild herbs and fruits and nuts in your area. A "weed" is any plant that is growing where you don't want it...
  10. sunsaver

    Help! I have a plague of houseflies.

    My house is covered in houseflies. It's getting worse every day. I keep my coop clean, can find no dead animals or rotten meat or garbage anywhere on my property. This is definitely a fringe event. Very bizarre. Every time i open the door, about a dozen coming zooming in. Is there a natural...
  11. sunsaver

    Sunsaver, Livining Off-Grid In Suburbia- Happy Taconight America!

    Sunsaver here. So, this is my journal. I hear booing. What? Already! Come on people, i used to famous! Well, briefly, and that's a whole other story that i don't want to get into. Lets just say that i was an inventor, but i prefer to be anonymous these days. I also have enemies in the oil and...
  12. sunsaver

    Solar Forum Trolls of The Energy Industry.

    Yes, i know this is a strange topic, but not if you think in terms of profitmotive. If you cure the patient, you kill the customer, and the profits. If people start talking about free electricity, and start going off-grid; it means that they will have no more electric bills. The energy...
  13. sunsaver

    Suburban Off-grid living

    I am living off-grid in a typical blue-collar nieghborhood. My house is an old farmhouse that i moved onto an acre sized, wooded lot, right in the middle of the nieghborhood, much to the dismay of my nieghbors. But now it is the prettiest house around, with a screened porch, white picket fence...