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  1. Rebecka

    So, I made this gallon of hard cider............

    Someone take that bottle from her! She is clearly over the limit ;)
  2. Rebecka

    Note to self. Never talk to a farmer about grass feeding

    Okay, back to the subject at hand. What would you feed them other than grass? We have two cattle farmers near by and we get beef from both. They were both quite trilled to talk about their cattle being grass and hay feed. Help a sister out cause I don't get it.
  3. Rebecka

    Bald Chicken!

    I was wondering the same thing. We purchased some older chickens and a few were bald when we got them and never grew their feathers back. I notice they tend to sleep with their head tucked and am pretty confident they will be fine now.
  4. Rebecka

    Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!!!!

    I love Christmas! Love it , love it , love it! I give affectionate tokens all year long. Some people , that makes uncomfortable. Christmas makes it much more comfortable for them to accept something I have worked hard to make or thought hard for a gift truly from the heart. I am a harpist and...
  5. Rebecka

    Resources right under your nose

    Yep! I got one. Derelict and broken computers. I had this huge stash of 'worthless' computers and parts. Selling them and their parts helped fund a shiny new computer that is decadent on a level I would have never gotten for myself otherwise. The other, less impressive but still pretty cool...
  6. Rebecka

    I'm sad to report the loss of a whooooole lot of bacon

    I am sickened by this on a level I don't even have words for. Short of being abducted by aliens, there is simply no excuse and thats the only excuse that should keep this guy from being prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Its times like this that remind me its likely a very good thing...
  7. Rebecka

    Turkeys killing chickens

    We have 7 adolescent turkeys. In the adjoining enclosure we have the small/injured bird area. In that we had 3 of the cutest little what we think might have been easter eggers ( long story) a top hat hen, white silkie hen and an injured chicken. Everything was fine until we moved this new...
  8. Rebecka

    How far do bees travel?

    Coming into winter like this, you likely don't want to capture them now. Even if you did find a swarm ( thousands of bees) they are not likely to make it through the winter with no food stores. If there are wild bees in your area, they will swarm somewhere around mid spring. Thats plenty of...
  9. Rebecka

    How far do bees travel?

    About 5 miles is the max for normal conditions. However, being the time of year and less natural food sources, I understand they will go farther. That may also be why they were on peppers.. there is sugar in them. If you were so inclined, you could feed them. This time of year a 2 parts sugar to...
  10. Rebecka

    best books list

    I *just * finished that! it was very good! I cried too. so emotional!
  11. Rebecka

    Write a novel in a month? Yeah!

    No, seriously. Check it out. Another thread about books inspired me to share. Its National Novel Writing Month. Its not too late to get started. A 50 K novel in 30 days. It can be done! Nope, its not done well.. its sheer writing abandon. All of you who have 'Write a...
  12. Rebecka

    best books list

    I agree with Free wholeheartedly. While the bible might not be the preferred read of a young girl, its full of really interesting moral stories and really is very thought provoking even for someone who is not Christian. I am not and I read it a couple of times a year. I always manage to find...
  13. Rebecka

    best books list

    The Story of O huh? how old is she again??;) Amy Tan The bonesetters daughter and The kitchen Gods Wife Tolstoy Anna Karenina Audrey Niffenegger The Time Travelers Wife Alison Hover Bartlett The man who loved books too much and for some non fiction fun.. Super Freakonomics :) Stephen...
  14. Rebecka

    Outsmarted a hungry fox!

    Wow! Sorry to hear that! Do you have a means to close them up for the night ? Sadly.. now the fox knows you have a food source for it. You might consider getting a live trap and participating in the 'predator relocation program" I personally like to relocate them to forest areas. This time of...
  15. Rebecka

    TSHTF Bread this works just as well on hot coals with a camp fire with cast iron :D
  16. Rebecka


    Its currently a brisk 29 degrees out now. I have a cup of coffee, a flannel and the wood stove is making those happy noises that encourage the cats to see how close they can get without singing. The kettle for humidity has a few drops of vanilla, some clove and some horrible instant coffee that...
  17. Rebecka

    Marshmallow Ghosts

    Okay, thanks to this post. I made marshmallows yesterday for the first time! OMG how fun! It simply never occurred to me that one could make marshmallow. I just kind of assumed that was some scary chemical / heavy machinery process I didn't really want to know the details on. I believe it went...
  18. Rebecka

    How are you helping your children?

    I have no children myself. However, I have a slew of children in my life and it seems to the the trick is to start them young. Good eating habits start in the home. Responsible behaviors are learned from caring adults. This kid is a good start...
  19. Rebecka


    potatoes and onions today , tomorrow and likely the next day too lol I make it a point to leave fats in with my meats. That stock would make a horrible gravy without it ;) Freemotion, Best of luck with your kitty! I have a 19 year old that has had some really close calls. Maybe your furrbaby...
  20. Rebecka

    Shelf Life Of White AP Flour

    We go through roughy 40 lbs a month. I typically stock 3 months in advance. But, I recently found a bag that was dated as purchased in Feb and it was just fine. I could not tell the difference between that and a newly purchased bag. I don't keep it sealed or in a tote or anything. Just on the...