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  1. Rebecka

    Turkeys killing chickens

    We have 7 adolescent turkeys. In the adjoining enclosure we have the small/injured bird area. In that we had 3 of the cutest little what we think might have been easter eggers ( long story) a top hat hen, white silkie hen and an injured chicken. Everything was fine until we moved this new...
  2. Rebecka

    Write a novel in a month? Yeah!

    No, seriously. Check it out. Another thread about books inspired me to share. Its National Novel Writing Month. Its not too late to get started. A 50 K novel in 30 days. It can be done! Nope, its not done well.. its sheer writing abandon. All of you who have 'Write a...
  3. Rebecka

    Selling pickled eggs.

    So, we are getting about 5 dozen eggs a day now. So much so I have started pickling eggs every other day. We have a gal that is buying all we have once a week for 2.00 a dozen, but there is no room in my fridge for waiting that long. Last week I was talking to a guy that was here to buy eggs and...
  4. Rebecka

    Celebrating 25 years...

    of being a smoker. How am I celebrating.. Quitting!! I can't find a cute little icon for putting my foot down , but there it is! No gum, no patches , no pills. Tuesday at 12am.. I am a non smoker. I would appreciate all the prayers, kind thoughts, throwing of chicken bones.. whatever. I just...
  5. Rebecka

    Strawberry syrup to wine project.

    Okay, so I don't know if its just my recipe but when I make strawberry preserves (the no pectin recipe) I almost always have about 3 pints of strawberry syrup leftover. In the past I have just reprocessed it with pectin for a reasonable strawberry jelly. Not this time. I have strawberry jelly...
  6. Rebecka

    guide gear vertical log splitter ? Does anyone have one?

    Okay, so we were considering this thingy. Does anyone have one and what do you think? We have a gas powered splitter, but want something a bit better than a maul should gas become an issue. It appears to be nothing more than a bottle jack with a foot pump. At 120.00 , its not something I am...
  7. Rebecka

    Raising worms.

    No, seriously. :D We started talking about this back in the spring and we are finally getting around to it. When we first started talking about it, we were in the midst of tilling, planting, doing all the start up stuff for the bees and trying to figure out what we were going to do with the 125...
  8. Rebecka

    Name that game... bird?

    I got these cute little birds and I have no idea what they are. I have googled till my head hurts and still can't find anything. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. Rebecka

    Assorted poultry question New question, page 4

    So, due to a thread here, I have recently learned I can free range my turkeys. This got me to thinking about my other poultry issues. We recently acquired about 30 chickens with two Very Old roosters. We have lots of young roosters but the old ones are very good to 'their' girls. They ...
  10. Rebecka

    Selling Eggs?

    Okay, so my lovely girls are producing far more than we can eat. We thought about just putting a sign out saying we have eggs. What have I NOT thought of here? This is all very new to us and I read some stuff about baking soda washes or some stuff.. I don't get it. Is there some reason I can't...
  11. Rebecka

    Sick or injured young turkeys ? big pic

    I posted this on BYC too but I figured I would get faster answers here. I am really worried about these little guys. I fear blackhead disease. I have had them for about 3 weeks. They were in a cage with some young silkies but the male was beating them up. So we took them out about a week ago...
  12. Rebecka

    canning zucchini ?

    So, of my mound plants the zucchini did the best. A little too well in fact :( I have a huge freezer full of it! I need the space but cant find specifics on canning. Has anyone done this ? Please share if you even have an idea , I am desperate!
  13. Rebecka

    cute turkey drama

    So... Because the men in my life leave me alone in the sale barn with the animals, we ended up with several turkeys. We have babies, adolescents and two adults. The adults share space with the chickens and the adolescents are in a large cage in the chicken coop. The other day we noticed that...
  14. Rebecka

    Slaughtering meat chickens ???

    So.. back in April we got 125 of the world cutest chicks. About 75 were intended to be kept for eggs and breeding. The rest were to meat chickens. Since , we have acquired a whole lot more. We now have a total of about 170 birds. I have been reading up on BYC and think I have a good handle on...
  15. Rebecka

    Mini Cattle!

    So, I dont know if you all have heard of these but they are bread ( not genetically engineered ) cattle to be about the size ( height ) of a large dog. Even the milking breeds could produce enough beef for a small family for a year on less than a dollar a day for care! They thrive well on...
  16. Rebecka

    Apple Chipper?

    Has anyone made an apple chipper? We have several apple trees and I would like to take advantage of them fully. Apple Cider, hard cider, ACV , mead base ect ect.. We have an old lard press that will double as an apple press, but I am at a loss for a manual means of chipping that doesnt involve...
  17. Rebecka

    Sick or injured Rooster ! failing again :( please help

    So, we had to go to town to replace the oven , get new fittings and of course buy more plants and canning jars. Just before we left, I went out and checked on the chickens. Everyone was up and moving around , nobody was acting like there was a problem of any kind at all. Town being town, we were...
  18. Rebecka

    Spinning soy silk anyone ?

    So, I got this great deal on 28 oz of soy silk roving. I was expecting what I know roving to look like, not perfectly aligned strands , that would make an amazing wig. So, I pluck out a bit and get my wheel ready. This is absolutely the most unruly , flyaway, breaking-est (thats a word, i...
  19. Rebecka

    Just completed my very first lamp wick!

    Okay I realize its a small thing, but I am terribly excited and my city friends think I am nuts. example : Friend: So what crazy project are you working on now? Me: I am weaving a lamp wick out of the cotton I spun up last week. Friend: Good God, why? Me: So I know how should I ever need...
  20. Rebecka

    Seed Vaults anyone ?

    So, I have found a few places to purchase seed vaults. I was wondering if anyone has done this yet and your thoughts on the product your purchased.