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  1. the funny farm6

    mini rex

    I love my mini rex. soo much color! magpie is a favorite of mine.
  2. the funny farm6

    the funny farm our real farm name...

    I think when I first started in here I didn't have our official farm name yet, but the name for our farm is actually "fluffy butts farm" about 4-5 years after we named our farm another person in our state named the farm the same as ours so I added Durham's to the front so now it is "Durham's...
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    back again...

    been some time... lots of setbacks. I guess I will start with a little history. I was on here for several years, but lack of decent internet service has kept me off for the most part. lol. Bought our farm in 2008. hubby lost his job due to the business closing in 2015 and he went over the road...
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    Chicken potholders

    I make these chicken potholders and sell them for my farm startup fund. I have doubles of several. I get $5.00 each. And I can ship up to 10 for $7.20. Don't forget, Christmas is coming up! ;)
  5. the funny farm6

    Pallet board cages

    I found a place to get pallet boards. Got a huge amount of the thinner flat boards without any nails. So far I have built 2 cages.
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    Pallet boards

    We just found a pallet company not too far from us where we can get pallets loaded with their scrap. The one we got today was loaded about 4 ft high with boards that are half inch by 4 inch wide. 2-3 foot long. I am going to use a lot of them for building rabbit and chicken pens. But could use...
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    not really new, but i am back. been a few years.

    finally back. been a busy and complicated few years. hope to get back to everything.
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    the funny farm, i am back

    It has been a few years since I have been on here. Lots have changed. I will try to give a better update soon.
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    i finaly found a place to buy honey raw and unprocesed. i have heard that honey does not spoil, but my sister is having a fit and says i cant store honey for long periods of time. how long is honey in the jar good for? honey guarantee: the honey in this jar has never been warmer than the...
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    homemade febreeze

    i found this recipe online yesterday and thought i would try it. homemade febreeze: 1/8 cup fabric softener 2T baking soda hot tap water spray bottle put fabric softener and baking soda in a spry bottle and then fill with hot water. seams easy, i just need to find an empty spray bottle.
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    care credit

    has anyone else got this? we are out of cash after going to des moines last week, so when our dog had an emergency vet visit and we didnt have the cash the vet sugested we sign up for this. it is like a credit card to be used for vet care for your pet, dental and eye for people. a LOT of area...
  12. the funny farm6

    comfrey seeds needed

    a friend is having a hard time finding comfrey seeds. she is willing to pay a reasonable price for them and shipping.
  13. the funny farm6

    chicken coop ideas.

    i thought maybe it would be neat to be able to see what others have done in regards to their chicken coops. and to be able to see what others do and dont like about their coop, and what they would change. *this is the temperary coop a friend of mine put up when her free-range flock was being...
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    chicken water for winter

    i normaly switch to a black rubbermade pan, but wonder what you all think of this? i only use minamal shavings and straw in the coop. but fire was my first thought.
  15. the funny farm6

    need ideas for uses for plastic coffee cans!

    i had asked a few family members for their empty coffee cans. well i have tons of them now. i use them to measure feed and dh has many he uses in the garage for holding stuff. i have a couple i keep by the front door for gloves. and 1 for extra leashes and collars. anyone else have any ideas...
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    for the ladies!!

  17. the funny farm6

    anything natural for a burn?

    i am not feeling great so my daughter tried to help by going to put wood in the stove (we have an outdoor wood burner) and my husband left the logs pretty big around cause "he has no problem getting them in". well she tried and the log rolled on her hand and smashed her hand against the inside...
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    looking for coturnix or button quail eggs for hatching

    i am looking for some coturnix or button quail eggs to hatch. any color. let me know what ya have. thanks!
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    Two 81 year old men, Mike and Joe, have been friends all of their lives. When it's clear that Joe is dying, Mike visits him every day. One day Mike says, "Joe, we both loved football all our lives, and we played football on Saturdays together for so many years. Please do me one favour, when...
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    my daughter has asked for a kendal for christmas. she is 16 and takes good care of her things. but i dont have a clue about them. (the girl spends HOURS a DAY reading and looks for new books every 3-4 days, and not little books) she re-read the harry potters, the twilights, and the marked...