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    Can you identify this bush?

    See it all along the forests here -- curious. It has a long stem (like an elderberry) and when old enough does branch some. It sends up a large floral display, tiny white flowers, which look like someone stuck a bouquet up there. Now, those have turned into some dark purple berries.
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    A2 A2 Milk -- decent info Read this article and felt it has some understandable information & explanations. Just throwing it out there for anyone who has wondered about this.
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    Buy your goat meat at WalMart

    I'm adding this thread here -- some may have seen on BYH -- but, some don't visit both forums. Wandering thru I happened to notice that they have "bone-in goat cubes" available. :D It may be a sign that this healthy meat will become more mainstream. Maybe? Just saying, not selection of...
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    EGGS -- the age old "how to store for winter" answers

    Every year we ponder how to keep eggs when chickens molt & slow/stop for winter. Freezing works, as do many other things to some degree. Recently I received this article from my Mother Earth News email and wanted to share for those who may not get these threads. While the actual tests were...
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    Weird looking egg......LOL

    A hen was in nest box laying as I was doing chores. She was almost done, in a few I stopped back to get her egg, since I was already there. Here's what I found...... Looks like she had some extra shell to expel. Old hen, been laying some double yokers of late -- they generally look...
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    Yeah, sounds simple -- we all know this is true. But the reality of it is that we must have a plan to carry out when these events happen. When you do not have an immediate need is the time to shop and review for yourself and loved ones....been there, done that.:cool: Consider this a reminder we...
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    Hello to all from VA

    Been on Backyard Chicken and found reference to this forum -- great place for me and your good ideas. Have a small farm in Franklin, VA, that's about 50 miles SW of VA Beach and just above the NC line. I have always wanted to be a "farmer" like my grandparents in WV, who were just regular...