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  1. SS Project Manager

    Official SS Poll: What Are Your Plans For 2021?

    It's hard to believe another year is passing. As the popular old saying goes, “There’s always next year.” Homestead management, DIY, feed, infrastructure? Identifying areas in need of improvement is always a must in most areas of life. And the same goes when it comes to your homestead. As 2020...
  2. SS Project Manager

    Official SS Poll - New Year New You...Resolution Time!

    It's almost a new year and guess what that means? Time to change something! What can you change to make a better you? First select an option in the poll above then tell us more about why you chose that option. Anything is possible.. We want details. 🤓
  3. SS Project Manager

    How Do You Power Your Homestead?

    The easiest way for most homeowners to reduce their utility bills is by cutting back on energy consumption through self-discipline and increased efficiency. So we're interested to find out: How Do You Power Your Homestead? Place your vote above - if you select "Other" please indicate in the...
  4. SS Project Manager

    Quick Links to Sister Sites Installed

    We're happy to announce that we've setup the links that will be bring you to our sister sites namely,, and All you have to do is scroll down, look at the right side of the page and voila, you will see these links. So, go...
  5. SS Project Manager

    Who doesn't like avatars?

    We just love how this new platform uses avatars (the little pics that you associate with your user account) throughout the system! In fact, peeps without avatars show up even more now than before (boring gray question marks). So, we are encouraging our peeps to upload avatars to their...
  6. SS Project Manager

    SS Trophies - Get A Trophy Easy Peasy!

    We have a very cool new feature on this new platform called "Trophies"! Basically we award members with a trophy for different achievements. Some are SUPER easy to get (first post, first Like given, first Like received, etc.) and some are more challenging (5 year member, 10,000 posts, etc.)...