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  1. Icu4dzs

    Guess I'll try again.

    Hello all, It has been a while since I kept a journal here. I was having some difficulty with a few less than desirable people who felt it was their business to attempt to censor what I wrote because it exposed not only their inadequacy but their despicable behavior. Since then I managed to...
  2. Icu4dzs

    How many have actually made the change?

    I generally watch this thread topic because for all the things that we SS-er's do, it seems that some form of preparation for a change is part of our overarching psyche. Whether we are prepared for serious weather (like we had for the past two winters here in SDAK) or serious hurricanes such as...
  3. Icu4dzs

    rocket Stove solution for emergency heat

    Here is a link for you to learn how to make a "rocket Stove" which will impress you when you see it work. It is easy and requires very little material but all is found in the usual home.
  4. Icu4dzs

    Who among you has defended the United States in Uniform?

    It is apparent that there is a significant number of us who are veterans and have served this country in its uniform. If you are among that number, let us hear from you. Tell us your MOS and rank. ALL are urged to respond. The fight we face may be more than most folks will want to believe...
  5. Icu4dzs

    CQ CQ CQ This is KI4IGQ CQ CQ CQ

    Good morning fellow HAM's and other interested SS'ers. It has become clear that we are growing in numbers on this forum and since amateur radio will probably be the only form of reliable communication in the event of a serious disaster of any sort (TSHTF) type, it would be good for us to begin...
  6. Icu4dzs

    Who reads what we write?

    Every once in a while, I look at the statistics of this group and find something rather interesting. When looking at topics it is really eye-opening to see how many folks have viewed a topic and compare it to the number of folks who actually respond and contribute to that topic. I do notice a...
  7. Icu4dzs

    Iris and Violet are born!

    Well, this year calving has been ok for the most part. Since I lost Daisy and her calf in February things were touchy for me. :hit Finally we had a brief break in the weather and Violet was born on 13 APR. :celebrate The next day it snowed and was wet and cold and icy. Not wanting Rose to...
  8. Icu4dzs

    Days for Gardening

    One of the things I do when I read posts here is try to get a sense of how long the gardening season is for that particular poster based on where they say they live. Our country is so diverse in its weather patterns that this question often comes to me as I read how the poster is able to do...
  9. Icu4dzs

    Cats and what they leave behind.

    OK, so my two cats (foundlings about 2 years ago) had a litter of 6 last spring, after which I had 7 of them (mom (Gracie) and 6) all "fixed" so I didn't get any more cats. Dad (George), in his eagerness to assume responsibility for his family took off and comes back once in a while to...
  10. Icu4dzs

    Candling eggs?

    OK, so I've started my first batch of incubator eggs and I am now at about day 16 or (17 if you count the day I put them in as day one.) So, all this science training I've had all my life and something this simple appears to elude me. Even the book only says to do it, but not how to do it. :he...
  11. Icu4dzs

    Sufficient-Self Preparedness Library

    I went back and began to read the string by a young man with a wife and special needs son today. He opened his string by asking for guidance in beginning his journey toward preparation for his family in the event of disaster/social disruption. He did this in the face of sincere skepticism by...
  12. Icu4dzs

    SS North of the 45th parallel?

    Is it me or does the entire subject selection of a majority of the otherwise reasonable periodicals any good SS'er would read (MEN, Backwoods Home, etc) somehow concentrate all their energy in areas that are way south of REGION 3/4? I see lots of great ideas but as soon as I think about how...
  13. Icu4dzs

    Short Growing Season Places

    Hello all, I recently started reading this BB because I found it through the Backyard Chicken BB. I have to say it has been far better than most of the BB's I have read because folks appear to stick to the issues of self sufficiency rather than politics, current events, etc. and for that I am...