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    300 million potentially habitable planets in the milky way
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    The sound of silence

    Something very spiritual in this video. Please watch from beginning to the end, then post your thoughts.
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    We had a pretty nice asparagus patch at my in-laws. I recall making raised beds, we dig deep and back filled with rotted manure, when we planted the bare roots. Unfortunately with my father in laws' ALZ. He couldn't tell the ferns from weeds and killed quite a few of them weeding. Then I think...
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    I've been helping my neighbor on and off fence in 10 acres of barbwire for cattle, just so I can learn. Today we set t-posts in-between wooden corners and bracing. This one of the long sides of the 10. I placed and held the t-posts about every 10' and level with the string, while he pushed them...
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    Early Spring 2021???

    IDK guys... It's Jan 17 and looks like my Turkey hens are about to go into lay. I noticed my Tom displaying over the last few days and don't ever recall my Tom displaying this early, let alone mating.
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    3way switch power and output in the same box.

    Someone will thank me for this, eventually. This wiring is pretty common for existing switching conversion of a single switch to a new 3way (one at each doorway).
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    Air layering

    I've air layered rose bushes before with success. Using rooting hormone, peat moss and shrink wrap. I used a torch to heat up the shrink wrap quickly without harming the branch. This technique worked very well for me. However this spring I'm going to go all out on our orchard. I ordered...
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    During my 6 month check-up last week, my doctor said I most likely have Carpal tunnel syndrome. He gave me some exercises and ordered wrist splints. He said I should have told him sooner, before I started dropping things. But I've had pain in my wrist arm and shoulders for years. It's just...
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    Fruit trees zone 6B or 7 can't decide

    There are two basic types of cherry trees. 1) Sweet cherries. Sweet Cherries can be eaten immediately after picked off the tree. Most sweet cherries need another sweet cherry pollinitor. 2) Sour cherries -or baking cherries. This type of cherry tree is predominantly self-fruiting (need no...
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    Kodak PIXPRO AZ528

    My honey got me a camera. It seems like a good one. Kind of cool with the PIXPRO app I can connect to it with my Android and control it the same as if I had the camera in my hand. Just started playing around with it and shot this picture of the sunset break in the clouds and zoomed in. I didn't...
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    I think my wife is trying something.
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    New Song

    When I was younger I used to understand. That when you're with a girl, you gotta act like a man. Mama told me that's the way it should be. And I know my mama never lied to me. What do you think about the changin' times? Cause when I'm with you I just can't make up my mind. Since I met you...
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    I really don't need to say anymore... but I will. The year 2020 has been the absolute strangest year in my lifetime. However with all it's "challenges" a number of positive things happened in 2020. I don't know about you all but to me it seems these things (good or bad) are amplified in unusual...
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    Public Apology

    So I drank a little to much sample of monks bread homebrew, the evening of Tuesday 22, December 2020. And I posted a bunch of drunken non-sense. If I typed anything that offended anyone the evening of Tuesday 22, December 2020, I do apologise. I think I deleted all my gibberish posts, if you...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas. May you all be blessed, as we celebrate the reason of the season. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, redeemer of the world 💓 Mark 12:30
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    Picture of my grandson with his new pup and bb gun from 5 or 6 years ago.
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    L O V E - Love

    Missing my family something horrible. Maybe we all are - IDK??? But let's talk about LOVE in this thread.
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    1940 woodworking

    Amazing how much things changed in 80 years.
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    Northern Lights