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  1. MistyWeeg13

    "A timeout occurred" BYC? What?

    I am a member of BYC, I am trying to log on, and it keeps saying, "A time out occurred". I waited a few minutes, restated my device 3 times, tried to log on on another device, same thing. Has anyone every experienced this before? What can I do? Is there anything I can do? Thanks for any help or...
  2. MistyWeeg13

    I am selling pet bandanas and possibly chicken hoods!

    Hello! I am very interested in trying to make a design of chicken hood, that would keep them from seeing and is designed with the same idea of a falconer hood in mind. I will be bale to start making pet bandanas for cats, dogs, poultry ad really any animal, I just need neck measurements. I will...
  3. MistyWeeg13

    Anyone got any good DIY thanksgiving decorations?

    I am looking for good DIY thanksgiving decorations! I have a few in mind, but want a few more ideas! Lets have a little Thanksgiving decor sharing thread! Can't wait to see you ideas!
  4. MistyWeeg13

    I can answer your baking questions! Let share fun recipes!

    Alright! I can answer any questions you have concerning baking and cooking! We can also are fun recipes on this thread! Here is the first one- The full link- And the ingreiednts copy and pasted, enjoy!- 1 cup (240ml) milk 1 cup...
  5. MistyWeeg13

    Flower contest! Enter now!

    This is a flower contest! You have to enter flowers, or any kind, color, shape size, anything! Enter pictures, I will judge and decided a winner! There are categories, wild flowers, and home grown flowers, you can enter up to 5 flowers, but you can't win twice. This means you can't ever 5...
  6. MistyWeeg13

    Why can't we make articles on this forum? And same with albums.

    I have wondering why you can't make articles on this forum, and why you can't have an album too.
  7. MistyWeeg13

    Livestock boredom buster ideas and questions! Post them here!

    I want to see your boredom buster ideas! DIY, or store bought! I have a few ideas myself, and am happy to answer any of your DIY/boredom buster questions! Show us what you got!
  8. MistyWeeg13

    What DIY projects are you working on right now!

    Right now, I am making boredom buster perorations, and coop upgrades for winter! Wondering what project you are working on! Winter boredom busters ideas see welcome!
  9. MistyWeeg13

    How can I make a duck scarf, to protect my ducks neck from a drake?

    So, I have had this question, is it possible, to sew a scarf for a duck that sits up on there necks so that the drake wont pull out there neck feathers? It would have to attach to the top of the head somehow right, so that it wouldn't slide down there neck. And it would have to be super light...
  10. MistyWeeg13

    Homemade treat balls for horses, and poultry. Can I DIY this?

    Hey everyone! I have recently purchased 2 treat balls of amy horses, to use, while in there pasture. Since we can't ride all of them at he same time, it is a good boredom buster while they are waiting for there herd to return. I loved the design! It was perfect and the horses love them! The only...
  11. MistyWeeg13

    Delicious recipes of the week! Sugar free, and keto friendly! Here!

    Decided to start a thread for my new recipe of the week I started! Every week I post a new recipe of the week, usually form Sally's Baking Addition. The name of the recipe is in my signature, and the link to the recipe, is the first post, in my profile! They will be fun, simple recipes, and...
  12. MistyWeeg13

    Happy to be here, and happy to help!

    Hello! I came from BYC, and BHY and am very happy to be here! I have owned chickens, and ducks for 5+ years and am happy to lend a helping hand, and to learn! I have owned horses, and goats for 2 years now, and am still learning a bunch about that! I have some DIYing questions, and am excited to...