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    Blood Clots?

    I really would like to get off warfin! Last fall I went to E.R. thinking I was having relapse of diverticulitis. What the doc's found were blood clots on my lower lungs near my upper G.I. track. Needless to say, I was very concerned. Only four months earlier I had a colonectmy, during which...
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    My Kitchen Aid

    I inherited my mother's Kitchen Aid she bought around 1977. It was your typical 350a or something liks that everyone owned at the time. I used this mixer quite extensively until December of 2012 when my family and I moved. I was using mostly for making some artisan bread from a recipe I found...
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    cast iron

    I fell in love with cooking with cast iron many years ago when I was in boy scouts. Loved working with it ever since! And while I have 30+ years of knowledge on how to properly season, and maintain cast, I do have a few questions. I'd like to take my love of cast to the next level...
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    Low Cost Houses?

    I know they're out there. Every so often you'll see a news piece on cheap or free homes. Tried googling sources, but most links look shady or want a membership fee. I'm talking about empty homes that cities or states actually encourage you to take them over. This isn't about squatting...
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    I remember these forums being a bit busier. Can't find where I can like/share this forum with all my Facebook friends.
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    Of Rabbits And Men

    I've been mulling over an idea for making a few dollars. Just not quite sure if it's legal or not. Having moved from the western Chicago suburbs and a state with rather restrictive gun laws to Missouri where both gun laws and hunting are more accepted has been a Godsend! Question is, what...
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    Planting Roots

    It's never to soon to plan in adance! While I might not be currently working and my wife just filed for SSI disability a little over a month ago, we're trying to figure out where or next move should be. The question is where would we get the best bang for our buck? While there may be some...
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    With no job, there's no budget!

    One of the reasons I came back to these forums is to get advice on any ways and means to earn some sort of income. And do so quickly! While I have and will continue to pursue employment the old-fashioned way of joining job search engines, craigslist, local employment department, ect. I need...
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    I'm back after 3 year absence!

    It's been a long time since I've been here. Miss all great advise and friendly people. So much has happened since I was last here. Some good (my soulmate and I got married) and some bad (mother in law passed away and doc's briefly thought I had cancer). I can't wait to jump back in and talk to...