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  1. xpc

    Confessions of a Carboholic

    Carbohydrates: I was given some advice to read about carbohydrates and their evil sugar starchiness, what I found was not even remotely reasonable. I asked about pasta and rice and was told I'd die regardless if it were whole wheat or whitey. I then read all the boxes of things I eat all the...
  2. xpc

    Tomato heat stroke

    I rescued the last 2 small tomato plant seedlings that walmart had about 6 weeks ago, they were sad sacks and only paid $1 for the 4" wilted girls. I nursed them back to life with miracle gro and are now getting fairly large (24") and now has a few tiny flowers, I even had to put the "wire...
  3. xpc

    Antique Vintage advice

    I've been carrying this around for too long and can't fine much about it. DHR Holland 8208/O Captains Cuddy Oil Lamp I also made a quick webpage to show more and larger pictures I only wiped off the dirt and did nothing else, I will likely put it...
  4. xpc

    Things that you must have are here:

    I have many things for sale for anybody that wants to build super neat things, I even have a credit card phone terminal to read cards for when you sell eggs and such. Taking all the pictures and writing up the items took most of 12 hours today and didn't need but one small table with a pillow...
  5. xpc

    My energy efficient house modifications

    I split these endeavors up to make it easier to read and respond too. It was first written for another post on saving power but got carried away so thought I'd make it a separate thread and link to it. Energy efficient convection oven from walmart for $60, uses 1/3rd the power of an electric...
  6. xpc

    How to keep your cool

    It sho' am hot We have only had 4 days below 90 so far this month and none below 85, June only had 9 day below 90, and May had 13 days above 85.
  7. xpc

    Pressure cooker operation

    OK who does website maintenance on a Saturday afternoon when I'm on a virgin run with a dangerous contraption. First thing was that I wanted to try 3 different meats, I bought beef, pork, and chicken. The beef was cubed lean stew meat and packed raw in 2 -1 pint jars no liquid. The chicken was...
  8. xpc

    Frugality or 7 deadly sins?

    Frugality or 7 deadly sins? Had a Asian restaurant called August Moon open up next to Lowe's, so last week I stopped in and checked it out, really nice looking buffet for $5.99 or $6.99 to go. I was worried about the container being a little small but later found out after getting home and...
  9. xpc

    Mead Pump

    I read about mead a while back then forgot about it until I watched Beowulf and saw King Hrothgar's (Anthony Hopkins) legendary mead hall in action. Wifezilla gave me some simple recipes and got started, now after 2 weeks in the primary fermenter I have to transfer it into the secondary for a...
  10. xpc

    rotten gherkins

    rotten gherkins Well not really rotten just soft with nary a crunch, I bought two 1 gallon jars of Mt.Olive pickles from walmart and just were not edible to me. They were less than a month old and still vacuumed sealed - all were spongy, these were all the extra large kind about 6" or so. I...
  11. xpc

    when is it really bad?

    How do you know if you have bad mayonnaise? My jar expired in March and have been using it ever since to make sandwiches, it smells like vinegar but thought it always did - How can you tell if there is mother of mayo growing in it? Hate to throw it out at $2.50 a jar. I also just found out I...
  12. xpc

    Good gravy

    Whats been going on since my sabbatical?
  13. xpc

    Rocket stove

  14. xpc

    XPC - Tell Tales

    Tell tale stories of the strong, the weak, and their misgivings I thought of this last night while burning garbage - it was a clear winter sky on a 4 degree night, full moon shining high. Trudging in snow depths that reminded me of my youth, fresh cold air with the smoke of burning chicken...
  15. xpc

    The Iceman Cometh

    There's a winter storm a brewing for us folks that border the corners of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky - thems talk of 6 inches of snow and ice but should not be as bad as last years "Ice storm of 2009" which is almost to the anniversary date. Last year I was without power for...
  16. xpc

    Pasty Pie

    I worked all night sanding and painting and just got around to making supper, hot out of the oven and dropping chunks on the keyboard as I &6hrej5 type. A simple thing to make and yet so tasty, but forgot the beans. I actually donated all my beans to the local food pantry as I couldn't bring...
  17. xpc

    Water Closet

    I just got done remodeling my bathroom, I ripped everything out and installed new dry wall top to bottom. It is now ready to paint and only have two colors to choose from - so offer none other. The first is "drumskin" All the other rooms in the house will be painted this color. The other is...
  18. xpc

    Ldychef2k roof problem

    Ldychef2k, that little twister looks like it did a number on your property. Anyways I can't tell how big your attic is or if you can get up into it but had a similar problem when i first bought this place with roof leaks. I bought a couple of $5 plastic tarps and stapled them up inside the attic...
  19. xpc

    Peanut oil storage

    I made general tso chicken the other night, basically marinated breast chunks in soy sauce and battered in flour, egg, and corn starch then deep fried in a wok of peanut oil. They turned out quite tasty. Anyways I cooled and filtered the oil through a fine sieve then refrigerated, it is very...
  20. xpc


    OK, who here needs a wired haired goat, I go away for a few weeks and the place gets a gommy.