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    Need help from the Diet Gurus!

    Hubby. Works with a vegetarian now and the guy is a chemist. Seems very nice BUT....he is attempting to brainwash Hubby and sway him over to the veg side of life. I know what I know, which is not a lot, but not enough technical or scientific stuff to go head on with this guy. Can y'all read...
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    Washing cheese cloth?

    How do you clean cheese cloth? Launder or just hand wash with dish soap? Do cultures cling to the cloth?
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    Goat cheese question...again

    So I finally made my goat is good but the mouth feel is not what I was hoping for. I like a nice rich creamy mouth feel, mine is sort of dry. I assume this has to do with the fat content of the milk. Am I right? Is there anyway to play with it to make a richer creamier mouthfeel...
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    Lemon Verbena.....what to do with it?

    I got this fragrant little bunch of Lemon Verbena. What should I do with it?
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    Fresh Chevre question!

    My reciPe say to heat my milk to 72*, add culture and stir then cover and keeP at target temperature for 18 hours. What is the best way to maintain 72* for 18 hours?
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    Safely using raw goats milk?

    I have raw goats milk that I bought to make some chevre. It has been frozen and now I am getting ready to use it. I met a lady in the cheese shop who makes cheese and buys her milk from the same source (crazy Ellie). She says the milk is fantastic, but she does heat it up to 140* for safety...
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    What do I do with 6lbs of tomatoes!

    I went to the farmers market and boldly asked for a deal on seconds and a couple vendors were kind enough to indulge me :weee I got 6 lbs of maters for $6 vs the $15 it would have cost. I also got 3 lbs of fat little pickling cukes for $3 instead of $6 (which will make 3 jars of refrigerator...
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    Can this bean recipe be canned?

    I wonder if this recipe can be canned. Ingredients are- 4 slices bacon (one inch pieces, cooked) 3 1/2 c chopped onion ( saut in bacon fat) 2 cloves garlic, minced 4 15oz cans white beans drained (I am using dry and dehydrating them) 1 1/2 c root beer (cane syrup type not corn syrup) 3 Tbs...
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    Buying a 4-H pig?

    I know that most of you have the room to raise your own animals, but sadly I do not. I am exploring the option of buying a 4-H pig for the freezer. My question is I am worried about how it has been raised. I went to visit a woman who had goats last year and the conditions were pretty poor. The...
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    Making cheese without dairy animals? Friday update

    Is it realistic to attempt cheese making when I do not have goats, sheep or cows? I am trying to source some milk now, but I wonder if it is cost effective to even attempt cheese making. Thoughts?
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    What can I do with grapefruit?

    For the past several weeks I have been getting grapefruits in my CSA. No one eats them so I have about 5 very ripe ones. What can I do with them?
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    How to Dry Herbs?

    I have dill and basil coming out my ears! I would like to dry some and I have a dehydrator that I have never really been successful with. Can anyone give me some guidelines on how to dehydrate herbs? I also have a large bunch of rosemary that I would like to dehydrate, I know it probably needs...
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    What is this veg?

    I assume that is it a broccoli/cauli cross? I got it in my CSA box. Just wondering how to prepare it.....just steam and slather in butter?
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    Growing Sweet Potatoes? * OUTRAGE....or not*

    I am thinking about starting a couple of large pots to grow some sweet pots. From what I read, 3 slips per pot is the max....but does that mean I would harvest only 3 spuds per pot? Hardly seems worth it. Thoughts?
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    Arugula? Need ideas!

    My friend gave me a big bag of arugula that she got from her CSA but didn't want. I have no idea what to do with it, aside from adding to salads. Any ideas? I probably have 16 cups worth!
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    Strange abdominal pain....can anyone help?

    Yesterday I felt a little achey in lower front, right side...sort of where I assume my Fallopian tube is. I assumed it was a premenstrual ache and ignored it. Last night I awoke at 2 am with pain in the same area. It kept me awake for quite a while as I could not get comfortable. Now this...
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    Radiation Plume to hit Cali Tomorrow!

    Ok I just heard this on the news, and of course it is being downplayed! Yesterday they said three weeks before it came to us "If" it actually did make it to us. Now suddenly as of this morning, it will be here tomorrow.....also Nevada and Arizona...
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    DrakeMaiden to the puppy phone!

    So..........? How's the new pup?
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    My dog keeps staring at me

    Usually when he stands and stares at me it means he needs to go out. I have taken him out to pee, and he did. Then I let him out agian later because he would not stop staring at me and he peed again. At this point in 2 hours, since I got up I have let him out 4 times and he does not want to BE...
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    Butternut Black Bean Cake

    So I was not thrilled with the dense heavy almond flavor of the butternut brownie recipe, nor was a thrilled with the spongey texture of the I morfed them into something that everyone here seems to really like! The Butternut Black Bean Cake! :woot 1 c rinsed black beans 3 eggs 1/2...