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    Just thought I would drop in and say hello. Lots of changes since I was here last.
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    Couple of deer recipes

    I'm sure there is a thread or two out there with deer recipes but I didn't want to spend all night looking for them. Got a small button buck opening day. I usually skin my deer, gut them, and then get the tenderloin out and head for the kitchen. I have always been disappointed because that...
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    Books, books, and more books

    Anyone want some books? I have hardback and paperback Kids and adults War books Collections/series Science fiction Action Medical and legal thrillers How to fix things history and pseudohistory religion And more PM me with your email if you're interested and as we get them catalogued I'll...
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    John Denver was wrong

    Life on the farm is NOT kinda laid back. Share your "farming" mishaps or misfortune. Raising chickens, gardening, and all kinds of farming type areas are welcome. My latest. Picked up a large, 4' long 28" or so diameter, piece of pecan tree with my tractor bucket. Very heavy. One of the...
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    Calling Wifezilla

    Wifezilla, Do you have a blog/diary/thread? I did a quck look and didn't see one. I might in the Springs area around June 26. Would you like to meet for a plate of pasta? :hide dacs
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    Chain saw sharpening

    OK folks, I've searched but can't find an answer to this. I'm not good at sharpening chains on a chainsaw. I can't seem to break the code or get the feel of it. I almost always end up getting cuts that curve to the left. I know one of the causes of this is uneven sharpening of the cutters...
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    Horchata or orxata is the name for several kinds of traditional beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas). Even though I grew up in Southern California and lived in New Mexico I never had horchata until I worked out of Tonopah, NV this past fall. A...
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    More positive and less negative please

    How about an indefinite moratorium on all the negative vibes. Let's do more to be positive and share successes.
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    Hey Morel
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    A comment on health care

    About a month ago I was doing something bad. I was eating those conversational hearts that we got on sale after Valentine's Day and I was biting down on them. I cracked a tooth as a result of it. Now move forward in time about a month. I had been nursing that cracked tooth...
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    Article ideas

    If this site is going to be expanded to include articles like BYChickens we will need to write the articles. So how about some suggestions and we might want to set some basic requirements. Ideas for articles: Water storage and purification. Home made solar water heaters. Home made solar...
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    MapleSky from BYC just had a trip to the hospital but is back home now. Here is the BYC thread.
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    Outside cat is NO LONGER pregnant

    I have a cat that appears to be pregnant, didn't make it to the vet. She is an outside cat and we don't have a barn. My fuzzy memory tells me that inside cats tend to find a pile of dirty laundry to have their kittens in. I would guess that a barn cat would find a pile of straw. Does anyone...
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    Song requests

    This is for songs that would otherwise hijack a thread or get a thread too far off the original topic.
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    Communications during an emergency

    We might have discussed this already in other threads but I thought I would give this subject its own thread. This is something we realized (again) during the last ice storm. Many of us have cordless telephones and answering machines. When the power goes out so does your telephone if you are...
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    Mental health and preparedness

    My wife and I were talking about the ups and downs we have been going through with the effects of this storm; water, electricity, internet, etc. We (the all encompassing we that prepare for things) prepare physically but how many are prepared emotionally for more than a day or two? Emotional...
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    Winter storm January 2009 in the Midwest.

    How is everyone in the affected area; Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and other areas doing? If I left an area out chime in here. When you come back to civilization how did you cope with the disaster?
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    Another question to not ask on another forum.

    If keeping the bloom on your eggs is so important how do you hard boil them?
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    New moderator kstaven

    The other day I noticed kstaven as a member and today I noticed again. Been a member for quite a while. Just doesn't post much. Welcome kstaven, new moderator.
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    What ads will this thread generate? organic

    I thought it might be interesting to see what ads this thread can generate. The thread about husbands generated an ad for bored housewifes. Hunting. Will hunting generate an ad? edited to add: Will keep changing the subject line.