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  1. Chic Rustler

    emergency heat

    this is a propane heater and a regulator/fitting combo i got off amazon. with the bottle i habe less than $300 invested. the 20 lb propane bottle will run this heater for at least 12 hours straight. but it has a thermostat and cycles on and off as needed so im betting it will go 24 hours per...
  2. Chic Rustler

    poor man's back up generator

    picked this thing up used for $300. it's 5500 watts and just had a fresh tune up. then I bought 5 gas cans that were 5 gallons each and filled them up, along with the tank. treated all the fuel with sta-bil and marvel mystery oil. the most important thing is the fuel cans are sealed and air...
  3. Chic Rustler

    housing crash again?

    ok I'm gonna make a prediction. I predict the housing market will crash again, but we won't really notice until 2022-23. just like before the market crashed but it took a while for the ripples to spread. I was still building projects in Dallas in 2010, but the 08 recession finally hit hard...
  4. Chic Rustler

    coup prep for freezing weather

    had some time today and there's some weather comin. put about 2 feet of hay in the coup and cleaned out the next boxes. WHAT do you guys do for cold weather?
  5. Chic Rustler


    so we got it. we are doing everything we are supposed to do. been taking alot of vitamins and eating alot of chicken soup. we also eat one clove of garlic a day because I heard that boosts the immune system. you guys got any other ideas for remedies?
  6. Chic Rustler

    mustard greens = turnips?

    we saved seeds from our mustard greens last year. they were allowed to go to seed in the garden as well. more plants have popped up. we've been using them the same as greens but I pulled one for the chickens and noticed a big root tuber. o cut it opened and smelled it and then ate some and...
  7. Chic Rustler

    Milwaukee packout

    invested in this stuff for work. makes the work truck alot more organized! there was a pretty good sale at the local supply house so I couldn't turn it down. I'm pretty happy with the system I built. the bottom is all power tools, there's a box for seldom used tools, a box for soldering copper...
  8. Chic Rustler

    my attempt at oven canning

    usually I store flour in Mylar bags with o2 absorbers in the freezer. it lasts for EVER and I don't have to worry about weevils. unfortunately we got some flour in 10 lb bags and they won't fit in Mylar bags and the freezer is nearly full so I had to come up with something else to kill weevil...
  9. Chic Rustler

    finally got around to it

    building a chicken tractor the past couple of days after work. it's 6x8 and I plan on filling it with 20 cornish cross that are in the brooder I'll post more pics as I make progress
  10. Chic Rustler

    what next

    turnips are just about played out. the lettuce is bolting. I should habe a fairly large area to plant something in when I clear that stuff out. not sure what I want to plant next. any good crops to sew in June? that I don't already have going? what I have: cucumbers yellow squash crookneck...
  11. Chic Rustler

    what to do on a rainy day?

    well today is so wet ill likely get nothing done around the place. and it just so happens I came across a fellow yesterday who was selling potatoes on the side of the road. 50lbs for $20 or two bags for $35. so of coarse I bought 2 bags... impulse buy I guess. let's not mention all the potatoes...
  12. Chic Rustler

    canning supplies

    anyone else notice the canning supplies are getting space and more expensive? Ball canning lids are going for up to $12 on Amazon. wide mouth jars are getting really hard to find as well
  13. Chic Rustler

    what's next?

    when the virus scare blows over and the stock market is still tanked and everything is closed down what do we have to look forward to? I'm betting on a deep recession. probably close to depression, or at least worse than 08. everyone has been spending like there's no tomorrow and hasnt put...
  14. Chic Rustler

    dealing with pandemics in the past: influenza 1918 this is a great read
  15. Chic Rustler

    which one of you poisoned your garden?

    which one of you guys was it that munched with some treated hay and killed your garden soil? and how is it doing now?
  16. Chic Rustler

    ticking off the in-laws at christmas

    so my in-laws are really good, God fearing people. most of them are very successful as well. at Christmas eve gift exchange one of them presented her elderly father a card. it said a goat had been gifted to a needy 3rd world family in his name. they were all pleased. I asked about the program...
  17. Chic Rustler

    Need a canning recipe for black eyed peas

    We lost the recipe for canning black eyed peas. Last year we just poured them in a jar, added water and salt and pressure canned them. They were really good. Now we lost it and have a couple gallons of black eyed peas to can. I would say do them just like dry pintos but most of them arent...
  18. Chic Rustler

    Ridgid pipe wrenches are high $$$ so i..

    Good pipe wrenches are expensive. Working at a plumbing/hvac shop i needed some. So i kept my eyes open and scratched up some used ones over the coarse of a couple weeks. Cleaned them up and marked them (everyone uses ridgid pipe wrenches) and for the price of one i have 4! The teeth are...
  19. Chic Rustler

    Onion storage

    Onions are stored in newspaper in cool dark place. Not lasting. Can they be sliced and frozen or something?
  20. Chic Rustler

    Beat the heat.

    Its getting warm in Texas....specially for us working folk. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and after work have an ice cold Michelob Ultra in a frosted glass with a lime wedge. Its better than iced tea! Be careful tho, they go down like a fat kid on a seesaw