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    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Glad I already marked HRT off my list too lol. I am already working through this stage and went all natural. The horse urine just confirms that choice. GROSS
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    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    If I could have undone all the fake "vanilla" stuff I had ever eaten right then and there I would have. Still making me gag.
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    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    I'm ordering more beans and learning to make home made pudding today. GAG no more prepackaged ANYTHING
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    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    My second go around with the beans once my first batch of vanilla was used up I added rum. The beans had already made one huge bottle of extract with vodka but I wanted something a bit more for christmas baking. I had some good rum and let it sit for the past 3 months. All I have to say is YUM...
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    Oldest fell too far behind

    I have a son who tries to do this. I have made a schedule for him though that he must stick with and every subject has to be covered every single day. I just do not trust him to know what he needs at this point. Hopefully by the time college comes he will have turned this into a habit and no...
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    egg safety

    Ok no science just common sense. Keep your gals healthy and they will give you healthy food. I don't worry at all and yes i do consume raw egg all the time. I am ok with it. Never get sick, none of my kids have been sick from our eggs. Mine are not washed until its time to use them. Then they...
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    I wish I had so much done. I am going through canning envy. Tomorrow I work on apple butter. I have done green beans and peaches too but thats it. Sorta sad.
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    Natural Remedy supply

    I've added drawing salves and castor oil to my supply off remedies. The drawing salve is awesome and fast. My son had a thorn that got deep into his foot and we could not get it out and it got infected and hard. Put on the drawing salve and a day later the sore erupted and is on its way to...
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    How do I catch a skittish doe for milking?

    We kept a halter on ours. My husband would hold and I would milk for the first week. She was a first timer. A bucket of feed with a nice pool of molassas on it and she was putty in my hands. She only got fed when we milked morning and night so she was wicked ready for food. We also confined her...
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    Some new kids!

    Not sure if you have ever read Mortgage Free but that book was very helpful in our start on a more self sufficient lifestyle.
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    Full-Time Tethering a Milk Cow?

    I have a jersey. Maybe it would be different if they were used to just that since birth. Mine would just pull the posts out. She is a fairly small framed jersey and she takes huge cedar posts ( thicker than a telephone pole) and pushes at them. That was when we had her in a smaller field while...
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    Economic Hardtimes - bring a back-to-land trend?

    I feel encouraged. Where I live every year we have seen more people with chickens, gardens, and goats. Yes we are rural but before everyone just had big lawns. Now you see fruit trees and gardens taking up space.
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    War with Russia?

    I have learned so much from my older ones and hope to apply why I have learned with my younger bunch BUT I have to say that even though my oldest could take care of themselves they are very much kids too. In some ways they are not as mature as their counterparts. I have protected them from so...
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    War with Russia?

    Ninny I will be honest with a three year old the possibilities are endless for what you could teach that will be useful to your self sufficient life later on. Part of our emergency preparedness is teaching our kids skills. One more reason that I am not going to worry. I have 4 ages 3 to 12...
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    War with Russia?

    You can also try to make friends with some people from over there. My nephew is in Germany and my mothers family lives in Austria. We have a family member that works in Syria right now. My mom pumps them for information on a regular basis. Seriously don't stress about it. Stressing doesn't...
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    War with Russia?

    Yikes, the europeans are really peeved. Regime? When did we get a regime? Ok..well.....I am mildly worried. Honestly our go bags are packed, we have outdoors skills to fall back on, we are pretty firmly entrenched here in the country, hidden away in the woods, surrounded by neighbors just as...
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    Lamancha Sannen Bucklings in the Cecilia/Eastview Kentucky area.

    I am not selling these and I don't raise these type of goats so I can't take advantage ( although I did try to talk my husband into it. I would LOVE to have a lamancha but he said I had enough on my plate. He is not getting this whole chicken/goat math thing). Anywho vet came by to bred my...
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    Why can't she sit still?

    I am typing through the giggles. All mine are high energy kids. I have learned to just work with it. Mine tend to draw while I read. I have one who sits and acts out the story with dolls while I read. Even my oldest 2 11 and 13 are still hyper little things. I am very hyper myself. I would be...
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    Expanded the flock... the wrong way but too late now...

    Even with quarantine and having cages for everyone to get familiar at first, there is still usually some fighting. With hens its normally harmless. With roosters the fighting can be fatal if you are not watchful. I did not know that when I started and I had to doctor up 2 torn up roos. I was...
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    Tips and tricks for homeschooling moms

    I am the only one on this. The older kids wake up earlier and do farm chores and then we will start their lessons, hopefully before the littles wake up. If I can get at least assignements done and the morning chores before 8:30 the day has a shot of going well. Then one of the littles wakes up...