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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    We went out and loaded up on supplies today: gloves, (even some dust masks) grocery products with long shelf life, cleaning supplies, TP. We could easily stay home for a month or better. I'm even well stocked with chicken feed.
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    No. He's never been on tablets. He lost his pancreas about 25 years ago.
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    Coronavirus Concern Up

    Signs of the times. Birth pangs.
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    Lazy Gardener's Little Town Farm

    52.5* right now. The woods are hopping with robins!
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    Hug to you and wife.
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    Lazy Gardener's Little Town Farm

    49* here today. Loving this unexpected heat. We dragged some lawn chairs out from under the deck. Between doing little piddly yard/chores, and sitting in the sun for a few minutes, we're absolutely enjoying this day. I trimmed all the dead branches off an arborvitae by the front corner of...
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    A new journey into homesteading "pic heavy"

    That's a nice big bator. FWIW, i had to disconnect my fan in the picnic cooler bator. No matter how I adjusted the air flow, and put in baffles, it continued to have warm/cool spots. So, mid way through the hatch, I unplugged the fan and boosted the temp to 102*. Had a fantastic hatch. But...
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    Daydreaming while waiting impatiently!

    Um.... you verbalized some sentiments that I have felt! My MIL takes her car to just such a man (mechanic), and she thinks it's cute the way he talks to women. We had to take a car to him when our regular mechanic was out of town. He cost us a transmission b/c he did faulty work. After...
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    Xi said: "China is Battling a Demon Virus"

    Excellent posts, Bay. Hubby and I have been taking Zinc this winter. And we've always taken Vit D. I've added echinacea and Vit C to my supplement routine. I'm also planning a herb garden, and in light of recent global concerns, may very well expand it to double the intended size. They...
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    Organizing and decluttering the homestead

    Bath tub? I could see that being repurposed as a water trough for the sheep, or perhaps a duck pond.
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    A new journey into homesteading "pic heavy"

    How big is the bator? Can you replace the fan with something different? I use computer fans in my small bators, and bought a 6" "personal" fan that I may use in a new build.
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    A new journey into homesteading "pic heavy"

    Looks like a rabbit exploded in there!
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Can you improvise to make a "picker upper tool" to help you with some of that yard trash? Perhaps a stick with a nail cemented into the end? Or, one of these...
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    Hello from the UK

    You'll have a blast hatching those eggs! And what a steal, on getting that incubator!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome. Sounds like you are enjoying your allotment. Will you be hatching with a broody hen or an incubator? I'll be hatching eggs this spring. Using an incubator unless one of my hens surprises me by going broody. I'll be hatching chicken eggs from my own flock, and am seeking fertile duck...
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    Laugh(s) for the day

    @Hinotori thanks for the laugh. That vid. could have been about Maine!
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    SS cafe

    Lovely colors.
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    The Signs of the Times-- What are you doing?

    No, Bay.... You did not in any way offend me. I said that I DIDN't consider any of the comments as fear mongering. Just simply stating truth about what is going on in this current day, whether it be global politics, or "natural" disasters. No apology required. We're all seeing the events...
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    I'm gonna be a paw paw again :)

    I love the way she's still curling up in that fetal position! Such a sweet little bundle.
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    Lazy Gardener's Little Town Farm

    A friend on an other forum posted this: I thought it worthy of passing on! What is a farmer?