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  1. Mr.Andersson

    So, I googled "automatic chicken waterers", and this comes up at #4, Thank you nifty!
  2. Mr.Andersson

    "Lucky" duckling!

    Just went out to lock up coop, found a black/rat snake killing a duckling :( Got shovel, quick decap, duckling survived :weee
  3. Mr.Andersson

    Flock integration

    Projects, I can't quite figure out how to copy and paste, or spellcheck with my android. I believe I succesfully integrated today. All 8 ducklings are fine, I lost one new rooster thurs. The loss was due to lack of water, being spilled, or diet change? I kicked chickens all out of coop...
  4. Mr.Andersson

    Another "new" addition to the family

    Well, looks like I have a few inditions to build this week. The neighbor, from a mile down the road, just dropped off two roosters. I have them in a medium sized dog crate, outside the coop, but still inside the 6' x 12' x 7' h run, to integrate them into the family. Looks as though i'm...
  5. Mr.Andersson


    What do I need for ducks? I currently have 5 chicken hens, the coop was built for 12, but I lost a few, due to fox or coons.
  6. Mr.Andersson

    Fed up?

    Made you look. Just kidding, I have a problem. I'm getting eaten alive by strawberry flies, and i'm not growin any strawberries. Makes yard/garden work real uncomfortable. What to do?
  7. Mr.Andersson

    Firewood ?'s

    What do you burn in your woodstove, besides oak and cherry? It's a good thing, that I came here, because now I plan on not cutting my maples down!
  8. Mr.Andersson

    Cleaning Cast Iron pans ?

    I would just like to know how everyone cleans their cast iron. I need to reseason mine, cause I dont think I did it right to begin with. I've had my 10" lodge, for 12 years, still looking for an old gris. I have many other smaller ones, n they all need to be reseasoned, picked them up second...
  9. Mr.Andersson

    Ok, I'm no longer a ghost, Oops, guest.

    Yes, I've been roaming the forums for a year or two, and finally decided to register! I just don't have a lot to say. I am in south jersey, and have family in abilene, ks.