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    Fuel for your Generator -- How Much?

    Just curious. How much fuel do you have 'stored' (on hand) for your generator for the next power outage? AND What size of generator are you feeding this fuel to? Entropy
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    Free Firewood !!

    A neighbour just had a very large silver maple cut down, then used his tractor to move the bucked wood over to my place. I guess I've got some work to do this evening. Nothing like people knowing you will take their 'scrap' trees, only to have to split it. I love heating my house for...
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    Lantern Information - Do you know anything about it?

    Found this the other day. Another awsome score. Paid $6.00. Anyone know why they were made with red glass? Or, can you guess the value of it. (other than $6, lol) Thanks, Entropy
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    Lost Hydro for 12 hrs yesterday. You?

    Got the electricity back on after 12 hours yesterday . Heavy wet snow/ice and a bit of wind brought a bunch of lines down. So glad we have a wood stove, kept the house at 21 deg C. We lit 2 tea light candles and 2 oil lamps. When the power went off at 2:30am my power failure alarm woke me ...
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    How much do you pay per kWh?

    I live in Southern Ontario and just calculated my real cost of electricity. Turns out it is about 17.3 cents per kWh. What I did was divide the total cost (including tax, delivery, this charge, that charge) by the total of kWh on my last months bill. How much do you pay per kWh using this...