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  1. curly_kate

    What do you do to cut expenses down?

    Got rid of the cable & quit eating out so much. That saves more money that a person would think. I work at home, so I don't shop for clothes any more. And because of that, I'm working on ditching the data plan on my phone. Of course, that will involve getting rid of the smart phone because...
  2. curly_kate

    Christmas music/tree.....lets chat.

    I'm with you FC - I don't want a "theme" tree, I want one that reflects memories with all the different ornaments!
  3. curly_kate

    Christmas music/tree.....lets chat.

    I usually can't tolerate anything Christmas before Thanksgiving. DH laughs at me because I mute commercials or change the station when Christmas-related stuff has come on in the past few weeks. But I have been thinking about what to do for a Christmas tree now that we're in the trailer. I...
  4. curly_kate

    JUSTUSNAK...Summer coming to an end!?

    I feel your pain! I had strep last winter - hadn't had it since I was a kid - and I thought I was going to DIE!!!! Glad you're feeling better in time for the holiday! :)
  5. curly_kate

    Over testing and assessment in public school

    Speaking as a teacher, testing is worthless. It is what happens when politicians make decisions about education. And I'm sure the companies who create and score these tests are making out like bandits.
  6. curly_kate

    Made me a bit mad----

    DH got a copy of the "Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook" amid a bunch of other stuff when his grandmother died. I LOVE that book!!! All of the recipes are really from scratch, and the funny thing is, I almost always have all the ingredients here when I bake the recipes. I would actually need to...
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    Good tips! Thanks for the advice!!
  8. curly_kate

    Random and intentional acts of kindness

    Wonderful thread! I don't have anything major because I have been fortunate enough not to have fallen on too hard of times. But one week a few winters ago, DH was out of town during a bad snowstorm. I wasn't able to find anyone who could plow my fairly steep driveway, so I was parking at the...
  9. curly_kate


    That's where I'm torn. I started a nonprofit, and man was it hard to find out what I needed to do to get started and keep up with all the paperwork. I was thinking a franchise might help me with that part of the business. But I am also very cheap :D, and I like the idea of starting out just...
  10. curly_kate


    I would be very happy if I could get a classroom teaching position, but unfortunately, those are extremely scarce right now. And the fact that I have some experience and a masters degree makes me way less appealing (read: more expensive) than the chickies who are fresh out of school. And...
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    Anyone...anyone? :D
  12. curly_kate


    So I've determined that probably the only way I'm going to get away from the job I detest is to start my own business? I would love to do the direct-to-consumer farm stuff, but I'm not convinced that's the way I need to go. The other thing I've been considering is opening a franchise...
  13. curly_kate

    Neiklot: A selfsufficient journey in Sweden

    Welcome! I am excited to hear about self-sufficiency from a European perspective!!
  14. curly_kate

    Owner financing???

    We have a land contract on the farm where we are living now. So far, so good. The terms were good, and we made sure to write a couple of things into the contract about how early we could refinance and when we could start building. Being a cheapskate, and being that the guy whose property we...
  15. curly_kate

    The Pagan Circle

    :pop This is so interesting. I grew up Catholic, but have recently been questioning the existence of a god at all (especially in light of recent events in the Catholic church). But as a gardener and "farmer," it's hard to deny the feeling I have of a "greater being" when I'm out there. I've...
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    Welcome to SS!!!!!!!!!
  17. curly_kate

    College...not worth it....?

    Right now, I think college is worth it if you are pursuing a degree that will likely get you a job. Unfortunately, some degrees that SEEM like they are really useful are not so much now. I have a teaching license (elementary and special education), and I can't find a real classroom teaching...
  18. curly_kate

    Webinars-Home Canning, Bee Keeping, Seed Saving, etc.

    Very cool! I wonder if they will have them recorded so we can watch them later, if we can't catch them live.
  19. curly_kate

    given 200# rice-ok for chickens main staple

    That's funny because I always heard that, too! Guess it's just an urban legend. :D
  20. curly_kate

    If we ate the way nutritionists want...

    Hmm, that's interesting! I've started only washing my hair (dry & curly) once a week, which makes it softer. I have a little bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap (combo of vegetable oils, not just olive oil), so I might give that a try & see if I like the results.