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  1. abigalerose

    New House, New Energy

    Wow, so I haven't been on here in a long a time, and a LOT has changed (like everything), so here we go. I'm buying 5 acres with a 600 square foot (+ a loft) metal building on it. There's a well, septic, and power already. The building is not wired except the bathroom and there's no insulation...
  2. abigalerose

    Katahdin sheep

    I'm wanting to raise katahdin sheep in the future, so is there anyone out there who can tell me anything and everything you know about them?
  3. abigalerose

    What to use for heat??

    What's the cheapest, yet still safe, way to heat? Ill just need to heat a 12 x 20 house. Also, as a bonus, are there any cheap alternatives to cooling and how expensive are 12 volt refrigerators?
  4. abigalerose

    Solar panel help

    how would I go about finding out how much solar panels cost?
  5. abigalerose


    does anyone know of a trustworthy and not over the top expensive place where I can buy a yurt? I'm in MO if that helps, not sure how much shipping is on them bad boys.
  6. abigalerose

    New to goats

    I'm probably getting a goat Sunday, a Nigerian dwarf goat, I'll be building a secure pen this weekend with adequate shelter, a bucket for grain, a feeder for hay, and maybe something to play on. I'll be looking for a goat friend to be with her as well. I'm buying her to milk. I have a few...
  7. abigalerose

    eliminating bills - homesteading

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum (and to being self sufficient), and I'm looking for some ideas/feedback. A little background, I'm moving to a 7 acre farm on the 30th, I raise Golden Retrievers, I have horses, I've had 1 big and successful garden, I have a flock of chickens, and I have a...