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  1. sumi

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    Prayers sent for your son, CC :hugs Hope this will pass him buy! If not, prayers sent anyway.
  2. sumi

    Hello from Virginia.

    Welcome to SS :frow Tell us a bit more about your place and plans and dreams...
  3. sumi

    New to the whole thing in California

    Welcome to the forum! :frow What are you planning to do, or doing on your property?
  4. sumi

    Remembering Sumi

    Hey everyone :frow I'm sorry I haven't updated here much over the last 2+ month! I've been spending a lot of time in hospital and after a bit of a break at home, more time in hospital, following radiotherapy treatment. The good news is that I'm "off" the treatment for a bit now :) I have to...
  5. sumi

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome from Ireland :frow What are you growing and thinking of going this year?
  6. sumi

    Irish Red Ale

    That is a good label, but if you would like to, I can send you some pics you can choose from?
  7. sumi

    Irish Red Ale

    You had better send me some of this! Or bring me some ;)
  8. sumi

    Canadian flocks!

    Welcome to the forum :frow
  9. sumi

    The New Way Forward Act

    Thank you for your thoughts, everyone. I have read through the discussion and noticed that there are some head clashing brewing here now! :) We don't generally "allow" discussion on political subjects, leaders, etc, though I've been making an exception here lately, partly due to my health...
  10. sumi

    New Member Intro

    Welcome from Ireland :frow
  11. sumi

    Newbie from Down Under

    Welcome from Ireland :frow
  12. sumi

    Gruß Gott from Baveria Germany!

    Welcome! Great to see you over here :)
  13. sumi

    I'm gonna be a paw paw again :)

    Congratulations on the beautiful little one! 💕
  14. sumi

    Farts and Crafts. Wait, What?

    :welcome We'd love to hear (and see!) more about your ventures!
  15. sumi

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones too! :)
  16. sumi

    Remembering Sumi

    @tortoise I'm hanging in there at the moment. The chemo is draining me and I went and got sick from something. Loads of blood off for testing and an X-RAY today, followed by antibiotics and and via IV... Not happy about that, but I'm in good hands here, so I'll keep going. This will hopefully...
  17. sumi

    Deceptive Site

    To be honest with you, I don't! I'll ask the tech peeps to have a look for you though. Thanks for letting me know about this.
  18. sumi

    Remembering Sumi

    @tortoise, sorry I'm only responding now! I'm a bit scatter brain still :confused: This is my first chemo treatment. So far it's been good, apart from making me very, very tired. @HomesteaderWife, thank you :hugs
  19. sumi

    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome! :frow