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    Grassfed beef, oops, meant to say Gummy Worm fed beef

    Wow, I knew this happened, but what a spin our media has put on it all--almost sounds reasonable and acceptable....but it's NOT!!!
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    Help needed to rid a house of cat hair and cigarette smoke!!

    We are getting ready to make an offer on a "new" house. The current owner smokes but only does so out in the sunroom (an unairconditioned add on to the house). I am sensitive to smoke as are my kids and realtor and none of us smelled it in the house. However this lady has several cats and DD had...
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    Olive oil--messing up a good thing

    Just when I think we are on to a good thing, along come the scam artists... Ack!!!
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    Need help with making ribs

    I bought a couple of racks of pork ribs and then found out my kids can't eat tomatoes, vinegar, anything with preservatives, etc (Feingold diet). They are also gluten free, egg free and casien free. Do you have any ideas how I can fix ribs that aren't taste free?
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    Make your own kombucha scoby

    Ive seen several folks wish for kombucha scobies and I came across this a few weeks ago. I tried it and it works great!!
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    Ever wonder what is in your shampoo?

    I ran across this interesting article this morning and thought I'd share it with you.
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    Monsanto is at it again!

    "Can't wait" to see the new research on bees and the cause of colony collapse disorder.... :th
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    Oh I know why I avoid processed food

    I knew processed food was no good for me, but the yuck factor just went up a few more notches when I read about reconditioning food. That is just fancy talk for recycling something that should be thrown out to begin with. Did anyone else read this last month...
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    Yet another reason to raise your own animals or buy from those who do

    Makes me glad for the contents of my freezer:
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    Great mosquito bite treatment

    I was in to the doctor several weeks ago. She said the powdered viramin c (like Bronsons) is great for treatment of bites as it is an anti-inflammatory. She said make a paste and put it on the bite. I told my girlfriend about it just before her family went on vacation because they have such...
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    I'm feeling rich--Now what should I do with it?

    DH and went and picked up a side of beef today from a grass fed beef friend. I've got the meat in the freezer and I know what to do with that. I spent hours today grinding, rendering and canning the fat. I ended up with just over 5 dozen pints of lovely white fat and probably 3-4 gallons of...
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    Gallbladder Cleanse--anyone have any first hand experience?

    I've been to the ER twice in the last week with DH. They think he has gall bladder trouble. My friend told me her DH had used a natural cleanse to pass his stones and that he was so much better for it. I have been digging around on the web to see what is suggested. Basically it uses Olive Oil...