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  1. Medicine Woman

    Making beanies

    As some of y’all know my community has been hit very hard by Hurricane Ida and many of us are now living in alternative houses, FEMA trailers and some have even left the bayou entirely. So I am currently living on a street that has a long history of farming and it so happens that the director...
  2. Medicine Woman

    Married to the king of Dumpster Dive

    I knew before I ever married DH that he can’t resist a peek in the dumpster. I have brought him to the recycle bin to get rid of my recycle items and he leaves with 8 rod and reels and teaches DD to help herself so she leaves with a set of encyclopedias. So ever since Hurricane Ida went on her...
  3. Medicine Woman

    Teaching others how to survive I am not sharing this because of my religious beliefs even though I am not ashamed of them. In truth a Protestant minister or Jewish rabbi could have done the same. Great job feeding...
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  5. Medicine Woman

    Goldenrod Tincture

    It’s time for me to make goldenrod tincture to treat allergies. I will use ACV as my menstruume.’s a start.
  6. Medicine Woman

    Hurricane Ida

    I am 55 years old and I have seen some bad storms all my life. I never left except for George. I have now lost most of my house but the floor stayed put. So let me just rant about a few things: My plan is to close in the downstairs of my house and pile mud around it, essentially creating a...
  7. Medicine Woman

    Are we living our dream?

    Continued from once upon a time. So my dream became a nightmare for a while and eventually I got back on track. Married a farmer who doesn’t exactly do everything exactly like me but still manages to make it work and is king of the dumpster dive. I did have to go to work full time because of...
  8. Medicine Woman

    Chicken and dumplings recipe

    Guys.... I am Cajun and we simply don’t fix this dish. I had a lot of cookbooks but y’all know....Ida. Help a girl out. I know one of y’all got to have an award winning chicken and dumpling recipe. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🐔 I started just tenderizing two roosters about 5 months old in a crockpot with two onions...
  9. Medicine Woman

    Returning member

    Hello everyone. It’s been a really long time. I was previously using my actual name but I don’t have my password. Hurricane Ida took care of the folder I had that written on but my name is Rhoda. So some of y’all are aware that I remarried a farmer/artist/disabled oilfield worker from my home...