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  1. reinbeau

    OT - Wordpress Blogging Themes

    Hi everyone, I've started a blog, and am not totally thrilled with the 'skin' I'm using, although I like it better than anything I've found that would be more specific to gardening and green living. I've looked at so many themes, and they all look the same to me. Any suggestions for something...
  2. reinbeau

    Cultured Food Blog and a few others

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but have any of you read Cultured Food Life? She's got lots of great info on all things cultured, and it's an interesting read. Here's another one: Nourished Kitchen - she's all about the stuff we read about in Nourishing Traditions. The Way the...
  3. reinbeau

    Tankshill in London e-mail

    Did anyone else get an e-mail from Tankshill/Gina Harden asking for money to help get her home - stolen passport - I certainly can't send anything, I can't even buy my niece a birthday card for her 16th birthday! I'm thinking the scammer got the email addresses from this forum. If you really...
  4. reinbeau

    Post Turkey-Day Posole

    Post-Turkey Day Posole Mexican stew 1 Tbs olive oil 1 each chipotle chile canned in adobo, finely chopped 3/4 cup onion, finely chopped 3/4 cup celery, finely chopped 3/4 cup carrot, finely chopped 2 Tbs garlic, minced 2 tsp chili powder 2 cups cooked turkey, shredded 3 cups fat-free chicken...
  5. reinbeau

    Attention City Slicker Farmers

    There is a new magazine out for you! Urban Farm Magazine. I haven't seen an issue, I just read about it on BYC but i thought this would be a good place to hear about it, too.
  6. reinbeau

    Making Butter

    I tried to do a search for posts where making your own butter was discussed, but you can imagine how that went - every thread in this subforum came up! :gig Those of ou who do it, can you pass along your methods? I have fresh cream in the fridge right now, I'd love to make my own butter, if...
  7. reinbeau

    Raw Milk SCORE!

    Wow, I can't believe it. I went to a local farm (name withheld to protect them) who had advertised they sold raw milk to the public, legally. I can't believe what I just paid. You do have to bring your own container, I have a neat old gallon sized glass jug with a screw on top - $3.00 a...
  8. reinbeau

    Nourishing Traditions

    I just got a copy and I"m bringing it with me on my trip to New York (going to Cornell in Ithaca for an Herb Society Gathering). I'm looking forward to reading it - what I've read so far is right in line with Michael Pollan's 'nutritionism' that he talks ab out in his two books.
  9. reinbeau

    ATTENTION: Recipes in journals

    Please, if you're posting a recipe in your journal, copy it to the Self-Sufficient Kitchen recipe forum also - it's very difficult to search for recipes buried within journals! Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. reinbeau

    Kombucha Tea - gave it a taste

    I got this off another forum, I thought it might interest some of you: Kombucha Tea is a fermented drink made with water, tea, sugar and a kombucha culture. It strengthens the immune and digestive system. It is drunk in small amounts, 2-4 ounces at a time. I purchased mine a few years ago and...
  11. reinbeau

    Sufficient Self Member Map

    If you'd like, add yourself to the Sufficient Self Google map, created by noobiechickenlady - it's neat to see where we're all posting from! For those of you not in the US, you can move the map around to your own country and put your marker in.
  12. reinbeau

    Firewood Processing - Dialup Warning

    My husband says he wants this thing - click here.
  13. reinbeau

    Bees installed!

    Yesterday was a horrible, drenching downpour, around 40 day - typical weather each year when we get our package bees! It's actually easier to install them on days like that, we wait until about 5 pm, set up the big patio umbrella over the hive and get to work. These packages were very full and...
  14. reinbeau

    I guess these things come in threes....

    I haven't said anything yet on any forums, but since two of you are going through similar experiences, I'll speak here, too. I didn't find a lump, but they found a cluster of new calcifications in my right breast that wasn't there a year ago. I'm followed for the left one, they found them...
  15. reinbeau

    Mother Earth News new issue

    Anyone get it yet? My subscription hasn't run out, so it came in last week. It's got a great article on grass fed beef, and a few other good things to know, but as usual, there were three articles I can't even begin to read, they make my eyes pop out and the veins in my neck bulge. Oh well...
  16. reinbeau

    Be kind

    I don't know what was said to Quail_Antwerp, but I will say this - we should all be kind to each other. If you can't say anything nice, best to not say anything at all. We are all dealing with real life situations, and are posting about them on the internet. None of our internet friends or...
  17. reinbeau

    Ah, Spring! Back to hanging out the clothes!

    I know some of you do it fulltime, but I have to admit I fall off the wagon during the dark, cold of winter. Now the fount heater is turned off and the dryer will be silent for the next six or seven months. That electric bill will come down from $100. Then I heard the local electric company...
  18. reinbeau

    In addition to the soap ends....

    I squeeze the toothpaste until it's empty and then I cut the tube open and scrape out the toothpaste that's right at the top. Same thing with tubes of hand cream and face cream - that stuff's expensive! I put water into the shampoo bottle to get every last drop out. I just can't stand...
  19. reinbeau

    The Lost Generation

    No, this isn't about the Lost TV show. Definitely not. But it is thought provoking - and hopeful.
  20. reinbeau

    Moving Forward

    I am getting messages from members who are dissatisfied with the direction SS is going in. Sufficient Self isn't about family drama. No one person was singled out, there have been several threads posted by several members. Please let's stick to the point and leave our personal dealings with...