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    Any canning guide will tell you how to can it. I believe it can be waterbathed, though I've never really looked because I've never been inclined to do that. Sauerkraut is a fermented food, and, as such, will keep very well as it is. Also, canning will kill all the beneficial bacteria which is...
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    Dog run to chicken coop

    If it were for a dog I would agree with you. But, since I want to build a sheltered area to put the nests in, it would be much simpler to start with a reasonably flat base. That part of the property really is on quite an incline, and I know, from the present coop and run, that chickens...
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    Dog run to chicken coop

    I have one Delaware hen in my mixed flock, but I don't remember her being quite so cute when she was little :D. No doubt the cuteness factor is raised when there are several being cute together. So I am starting to get a picture in my mind how this might turn out. Cover the bottom half of one...
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    Dog run to chicken coop

    Thanks Bee! I think I remember reading about your mutually broody hens before, now that you have reminded me. So, do I understand from what you wrote, that you don't think an actual building (i.e. chicken house) is necessary? Just a 3 sided shelter, with a roof of some sort, and individual...
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    Dog run to chicken coop

    I thought about BYC, and might yet do that, but this smaller forum is less intimidating :lol:
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    Dog run to chicken coop

    I'm looking for some ideas. My neighbour's dog died awhile ago, and she has offered me the chain link dog run for another chicken housing project, if I want it. I believe it is 8"x 10". Since I had to discourage 3 broody hens this last year because I simply did not have any room for more...
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    Heat your room for 8 pence a day!

    Interesting idea. Thanks for posting the link.
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    what would grandma have done with this beef broth...?

    How warm do you keep your house at night? In a cool house (mine, for example) I have no worries about leaving things out overnight. But, as stated above, even in a warmer environment a good boil should take care of any uninvited guests.
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    pies in a jar and other historical pie preservation questions

    A bit of research pulled up two famous meat pies. Neither of these says anything about their keeping qualities, but a bit more research might take one to more historical records. If nothing else, you could make these (maybe small ones), and do your own experiment...
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    pies in a jar and other historical pie preservation questions

    I did not read the whole thread at the link you posted, so maybe these points were covered and I didn't see them. Anyway, for what its worth, here are my thoughts. I have read of meat pies being made and stored in the past. I am tempted to do some research now to try to find out about them...
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    Non-GMO, organic stores??

    Yes, you're right. It was late last night when I replied, after a long day. I realize now that you were originally talking of organic "products" to buy, and I responded as to organic plants - that is "organic spinach" rather than"organic spinach casserole". The people who oversee such things...
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    Non-GMO, organic stores??

    Are you sure about this? It is my understanding that organic is, by definition, non GMO. I suppose it would be possible to grow out GMO seed in an organic manner - that is, no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers - but can't imagine why anyone would want to do that on any scale large...
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    Rancid Lard?

    Lard is a very stable fat, and doesn't go off as quickly as, for example, oils do. When I render lard, I pack it rather like ~gd explained above - I ladle the clean, liquid fat into clean pint jars, put simmered, warm but dry canning lids on, and let the jars cool. I then feel perfectly...
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    Uses for green tomatoes?

    I understand that only the green tomatoes that appear to be changing color already - that is, maybe the dark green is starting to lighten a little - will ripen successfully off the vine. That might not be correct, but I have never tried it with totally solid green tomatoes. I have a recipe for...
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    Thanks moolie; they almost sound good, as you describe them. I think I'll continue to freeze my extras though, though dilly beans are something I've been meaning to try too.
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    So, tell me, are home canned beans better than commercially canned? I don't like commercially canned beans (its a texture thing), and have never considered doing them myself for this reason. But I know they are a popular item for home canning. Of course, I don't particularly like any canned...
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    I haven't been canning much this year; using the dehydrator more. But DH and I had a nice outing to the coast yesterday, and picked up some tuna, fresh from the boat. There are 2 dozen half pints in the canner right now, and at least a dozen more will get their turn when this lot is done...
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    Organic Agronomical Tips

    Translation programs are wonderful! Full of surprises and chuckles. DH wrote to Japanese friends; he writes in English, has the program translate to Japanese, and then has it translate back to English. That way he can get an idea of what sort of hash the program made, and can change the...
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    Natral dyes

    Hi Arica :welcome I have dyed yarn with onion skins, though that was a long time ago. I am working on spinning enough alpaca yarn to make it worthwhile to try my hand at dying, but haven't got that far yet. I have been doing some research into the matter though. Do you know what sort of...