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  1. dragonlaurel

    Shepherd Bunny

    This is amazing. It evidently learned by watching the herding dog
  2. dragonlaurel

    Healing wishes requested

    Mike- my Hubby is having surgery in the morning and we would appreciate any good wishes/prayers/positive vibes for him. He's had years of various degrees of pain and related symptoms and this surgery (spinal fusion) is to remove a bad disk and fix the screwed up area.
  3. dragonlaurel

    the zombies that may be in your yard

    Hubby came across this and knew I would want to see it. I loved it. It's technically an ad, but it's hilarious.
  4. dragonlaurel

    Winemakers- Will this work ???

    I want to start a batch of wine today and would love any recipes I can make from this stuff, so I can get started. Most of the websites recipes used too many chemical additives. I have: 2 and 1/2 gallons of apple juice 4 cans of grape juice concentrate about 1 cup of pomegranate seeds-...
  5. dragonlaurel

    Hurricane Season- Your experiences or Handy Tips about them

    Since it is hurricane season- I thought a thread about it might be a good idea. Anybody is welcome to post tips to help things go safer or recover easier- or just talk about their experiences with hurricanes. I grew up in central Florida, so when the coasts got the hurricanes -we felt...
  6. dragonlaurel

    Baby birdie pics - Please help identify!

    My good friends went out in their yard cause they thought they heard peeping noises. These 3 were on the ground, by their home. My friends rushed up to the feed store to get supplies for them and will be happily keeping the little ones. Here's the big question: What kind are they? They...
  7. dragonlaurel

    I Need to use up Self Rising Flour

    Hubby bought self rising flour by mistake and opened it already so we need to use it. I thought about making up some kind of quick mix with it but need ideas. I like corn bread and biscuits pretty well so that might work. Looking for more ideas/recipes. I usually use whole wheat flour and have...
  8. dragonlaurel

    Drooling over Craigslist - again

    Just looking at Craigslist and wishing and she popped up. I can just see myself filling the frig with cheese from this girl. Wonder if I could convince the landlord she's a dog? She makes pretty babies too. :love Btw- I cant have...
  9. dragonlaurel

    How do I get a new member title?

    I think I've been around long enough to have something that fits more than just "member". Can I have "Improvising a more SS life " for a title?
  10. dragonlaurel

    Where's the thread for member titles?

    I can't find it yet.
  11. dragonlaurel

    Something wrong with my soaked beans

    This question is probably for Freemotion or one of the other Nourishing Traditions crew. This bag of beans had started with lots of dried on dirt, but I had rinsed them till they seemed clean and the rinse water was finally running clear. Then soaked them in tap water and whey from live...
  12. dragonlaurel

    The Squirrel Challenge

    I remembered the "Squirrel Challenge" and it sounds like we have some people doing a great job. I think It was supposed to run till about November. Let's do this. I want to see how the efforts turned out (and steal some ideas on what I can try to do). I'm honest about it , at least. ;)
  13. dragonlaurel

    What do you do with self rising flour?

    My hubby bought self rising flour by mistake and since he likes white flour, :rolleyes: I don't want to waste it. We have a bread machine and use it for bread loaves. I would like to make some mixes for other stuff maybe. Can you use it for biscuits, pancakes or cornbread, dumplings? Any...
  14. dragonlaurel

    Dragonlaurel's journal- Community Garden

    Trying to do a skills inventory to see how ready I am for homesteading. SS - Skills I have already used: Have "found" water & helped dig out a spring that was a good water supply for our home. Spent over a full year living without electricity in a remote cabin. (more info on "SS-My Page")...
  15. dragonlaurel

    Free garden planner

    01. Name? Laura 02. Gender? female 03. Disneyworld or Disneyland? I grew up in Fla. so Disneyworld. 04. What is your favorite color? Purple- depends on what it is though. 08. Can you swim? yes 10. Living arrangement? Married. 11. What's on your mouse pad? cats 13. Favorite magazine...
  16. dragonlaurel

    Help- my kitty is sick

    I don't know what is going on with my cat. She is 9 years old but has rarely been sick at all. She has been indoors since January and had been fat till about a month ago. The store was out of her normal food so I got her other "crunchies" which she did not seem to like. She'd eat a little then...