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    sweet corn

    i planted ambrosia treated sweet corn 11 days or so ago ive been watering every other day or so i just recently seen yesterday that some is coming up some higher then others and most of it has not even come up yet we are having a drought here and its going to get worse and hotter is this normal...
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    Startin Seeds Indoors

    i started various seeds in cow pots tomatoes egg plant peppers cucumbers i just planted them yesterday i made the mistake i put plastic over them and put them in DIRECT sun light they were in it for about 4 hours today they were in the mournin sun in the east window then they were in the south...
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    seed startin kit

    spring is going to be here soon so i have been looking for a good deal on some biodegradble seed starting kits anyone no of a good deal. I tried the regular styrofoam cups but when i try to take the plant out to put it in the ground the dirt completly falls apart and the rooots are everywere and...
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    plowing with horses

    with things getting worse by the minet and on the brink of ww3/economic collapse i am needing some information on plowing with standard sized horse like a quarter horse or paint horse anyone no were i can buy the harness and equipment for them and the plow?
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    raisin rabbits

    I am lookin to get a couple rabbits one male and one female raise them to sell and eat. i am wonderin if i can feed them just hay and fresh greens and things i stopped feeding goats grain they dont need it so was wondering if it possble to feed out rabbits with no grain?
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    perserving meat

    i been reading on perserving meat i read that if a person just burys meat in salt it will last forever but what kind of salt is best sea salt regular table salt?
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    chicken feed shelf life

    the feed i buy is all natural the feed mill here makes it them selves corn beanse calcum grinded up what the big laying houses use i have 10 leghorns my contaners hold 375 pounds of grain i store them in stainless steel containers in the barn jus wonderin if it will spoil before i use it all up
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    hay bailing equipment

    this may sound like a silly question but im looking to get into bailing my own hay with some questions on equipment will any standard sized tractor like a oliver 770 or john deere 4020 around that size of tractor will their pto fit any regular sized square bailer?
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    wanted boer buck indiana

    i am looking for a regigster boer buck in indiana young but weened
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    gun nuts i need help

    i have a older 500 12 guage mossberg pump i have 2 barrels one barrel is a 2 3/4 26 inch Imp cylinder skeet, other is a 30 inch full choke both smooth barrels in the inside my question is can i shoot buckshot and slugs threw either of these barrels and if so wich barrel would be better for...
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    rubber boots

    i got 2 pair of lacross rubber boots today new because they were on sale and free shipping. i was wondering how long do yall think they would last if kept in the box in the house before they would start dry cracking i was thinking that probly be 2 years or more and that i probly will be waring...
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    goat shots

    hear people talk about giving their goats shots and antibotics all the time i have had goats and nown folks who have had goats for quit a long time and i have never and i no other folks have never giving any shots to their goats i do deworm tho whats the use giving it to them if their really...
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    was wondering what is a easier way to train goats with a halther or i was goint o get them collars and take a 50 foot roap cord with me holding the end of it and letting them run around to get use to staying home? or shuld i use halters with lead roap if i use halters were is a good place to get...
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    pest control

    i am wondering what would be the cheapiest and best birds to have for pest control only interested in chickens! i would have these birds completly free ranging for most or all of their food in spring-fall i thought a flock old english game bantams would work they dont eat alot and are very...
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    is their any diffrence exsept the size between a jumbo french guinea and a pearl guinea do the jumbos run around and search for food and fly and everythang like normal just wondering as we all no how diffrent a cornish rock is than a rhode island red?? i wanna no if their like other guineas...
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    the time for meat birds is fast approching were have yall found the best and cheapiest place to order them from so far i have found central hatchery cornish rocks go 100 of them for 70 dollars purdy good deal but i have never orderd from them. I get my cornish rock and raise them to 4 months of...
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    turkeys and chickens

    i have had tyrkeys and chickens in the past raised together before i new the deieses they can give echother but my question is if i get turkeys and chicks and ducks? from the same hatchery and dont let either of them come in contact with other poultry can they spread deises to one another seeing...
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    popular goats

    i am wondering what is the most popular goats among homestead type people?
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    Stud Servicing Goats

    i am thinking about gettin 2 pygmy goat bucks paperd and keeping them housed together maybe with a weather also and studding them out for a fee would this work to make a litle money i have had bucks and bred does and hav raised lil goats before so i no about them the smell does not bother me i...