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  1. Farmfresh

    My Daughter's New Etsy Shop

    Howdy all. I just thought I would take a minute to share my daughter's new Etsy shop with you all. She is going to be making hand sewn dolls and other primitive type artwork. I think her little dolls are really cute. Some of them have yarn hair and others have rooted hair made from thread...
  2. Farmfresh

    Mineral Supplements for Your Sheep and other Livestock

    Here is a subject of great importance that is not often covered by most homesteading info. I thought a little video should be in order. I hope it helps some of you new to livestock
  3. Farmfresh

    My Pastured Poultry Pen Project

    This is my latest project for the homestead, a pastured poultry pen. I just finished it today.
  4. Farmfresh

    One of our Homesteading Family Needs Help.

    One of my dear Christian homesteading friends is in desperate need. Old Fashioned joined this forum in 2009, so she has been a member of this community for a LONG time although she has not been too active recently. She has recently recovered from cancer and still has multiple physical problems...
  5. Farmfresh

    Self Sufficient / Homesteader Book Offer

    As many of you know I am still trying to raise funds for a hip replacement surgery for my Mobility Service Dog Sage. I am also trying to do a clean out around this house before winter. In the cleaning process I have found a bunch of homesteading type books that might be of use to some...
  6. Farmfresh

    Sage's Hope Dog Soap - a fundraiser for my Service Dog's surgery

    I haven't been around these parts for a while, but many of you already know that I own a Mobility Service Dog. His name is Sage. My buddy Sage needs a very expensive hip surgery, so that he can continue helping me with my daily life. Sage is just a little over a year old and he already...
  7. Farmfresh

    Best Fruit Storage

    My hubby and my sister picked pears yesterday from my sister's Bartlett pear tree. We brought home around 150 pounds of really nice organic pears! Of course I am planning on canning some, dehydrating some and even making some pear wine, but I also want to have plenty to eat fresh. This is...
  8. Farmfresh

    Welcome to the MeSSy Kitchen Club! Are you a member?

    Here ye! Here ye! I am now calling to order the Charter Meeting of the MeSSy Kitchen Club where our slogan is "Self Sufficiency... Just Another Way to Go to Pot!" - :P :lau It has been impressed upon me in the last few days just how many of us belong to the MeSSy Kitchen Club. It seems...
  9. Farmfresh

    Family Cows for sale on Craigslist

    I saw this
  10. Farmfresh

    The Cast Iron Skillet supper thread - one pan wonders for busy folks.

    My friend sunsaver and I were over on his journal and got to talking about our favorite Cast Iron Skillet dinner recipes. You simply can't go wrong with a meal that can be cooked and served in one easy to clean pan! I use Cast Iron Skillet recipes the most in the summer time or days when I...
  11. Farmfresh

    SOUP - the thread!

    My hubby and I have always been soup fans. Just love the stuff! It seems to be the perfect dish - no matter what the weather. From a homemade beef stew on a snowy day to a spicy pot of chili. From a everything in the garden vegetable to a cool summer gazpacho. Soup makes a great full meal...
  12. Farmfresh

    Just another GM crop article for your enjoyment.

    Click "In November 2010 a federal judge in California ordered that 256 acres of genetically engineered (GE) sugar beet seedlings be ripped from the ground."
  13. Farmfresh

    City Biddy Stealth Poultry Coop - Building Plans

    The City Biddy Stealth Hanging Coop is an attractive, low cost, easy to build backyard chicken house. It is the perfect choice for those with tiny yards or tough setback limits to meet. The Stealth coop can be used as an easy to move free standing home for your hens, but this cute mini-coop...
  14. Farmfresh

    City Biddy Double WIDE Poultry Coop - Building Plans

    Introducing my most recent addition to the uBuilder Plans homesteading plans line up. The City Biddy Double WIDE poultry coop building plans. This coop has everything you need and more! How about a chicken coop that is attractive, easy to maintain, and is just the right size to...
  15. Farmfresh

    Looking for Broody Hen pics

    Anyone out there have some cute broody hen pics that they would like to share? I am looking for a few to submit with a story I am writing. Any help would be appreciated and of COURSE your photo would have a by-line. :D
  16. Farmfresh

    Attention Facebookers!! Help me out.

    Meyer hatchery is holding a chicken coop contest on Facebook Meyer-Hatchery and I have entered three of my coop designs. Would you please help me out please by "liking" my coops? Mine are City Biddy Stealth, City Biddy Hen House both in urban coops section and the City Biddy Double Wide in...
  17. Farmfresh

    Stevia in jams and jellies?

    All right you geniuses out there, I have a diabetic BIL with a sweet tooth and I want to make him some fruit only jam for Christmas. I already understand the need for the special "no sugar" pectins and that I may need to do a bit of doctoring on the flavor. The problem is that I have some...
  18. Farmfresh

    Double Dip Recession?

    We all know it is bad out there and a few of us are planning for it to get even worse. I just thought I would share a little news story I came across. Double Dip Recession
  19. Farmfresh

    By request ... How I process my turkeys - WARNING FOWL pictures!

    I am going to try and start this thread even though I do not have all of the pictures ready as of yet. I was asked by a few of you to post some pictures of my recent turkey processing. A picture IS worth a million words when you are trying to learn a skill so here it goes...
  20. Farmfresh

    What to do with apple DROPS?

    There is a HUGE standard size apple tree near my "allotment" garden. I can have all of the apples to use as I will. So far in the last 8 years or so I have been able to harvest approximately 2 apples. Two apples in 8 years IS NOT a harvest!! The problem is squirrels. They are everywhere...