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  1. paul wheaton

    3000 watts of portable solar that folds up

    Building a better world one brick at a time. Rather than commanding people what to think or being angry at the bad guys, I am trying to change the world by sharing thousands of small tidbits of information. Today's bit is a trailer that can be moved to worksites and the solar panels can fold...
  2. paul wheaton

    a 3 minute tour of a house made from mud near missoula, montana

    Well, mud and logs. And a bit of straw bale. Most of the materials came off the land where it is built. A house the sequesters tons of carbon. Zero paint, glue or cement. The heat from the summer heats the house through the winter.
  3. paul wheaton

    an off grid rocket cooktop

    This is a special creation by Peter van den Berg, and enhanced by Kirk "Donkey" Mobert. It was further enhanced by the permaculture bootcamp here at wheaton labs. Kirk insists that we cannot call this a "rocket" since there is no riser, but after having it for two years, I am simply...
  4. paul wheaton

    cob floor experiments

    There's a whole lotta people at my place. And all of us are keen on natural building. At the same time, we do lots and lots of experiments. Here's a new video about some of our experiments with cob floors. For those that are not familiar with what cob is, it is a mix of sand, clay and...
  5. paul wheaton

    junk pole fence

    A fence made of waste wood (this wood is typically burned in an effort to reduce wildfires). It's a bit like making fence out bamboo, but in an area where these conifer poles are considered a nuisance. You can see the rock jacks (this particular property is one giant rock) - but ignore those...
  6. paul wheaton

    8 people and 25 homestead things in two minutes

    the stuff that was presented: wofati 10x10 wofati 0.7 rolly shelves electric sawmill hot water from a compost pile solar voltswagon badboy buggy (electric vehicle #4) shower shack wofati 0.8 Sepp Holzer's grain rocket mass smoker/cooker/butt-warmer porta-cabin / love shack polaris (electric...
  7. paul wheaton

    a tour of four outhouses

    the fourth one is a piece of art
  8. paul wheaton

    replacing irrigation with permaculture - now on youtube

    Here is over two hours of me talking to 140 people in Oceanside, California about replacing irrigation with permaculture on my recent "Symphonies in Seed and Soil Tour". Probably my most popular presentation, now available on youtube: (warning, the...
  9. paul wheaton

    keep deer/voles off of your baby fruit trees with bone sauce

    I uploaded this video about four minutes ago. This is Sepp Holzer on his famous bone sauce. With this stuff, you don't need cages on your newly planted fruit trees
  10. paul wheaton

    2 winter chicken coop / shlters: one earth berm and one portable

    Both add strategies to add warmth, and, thus, reduce the food needs.
  11. paul wheaton

    land per person without external inputs

    This has been my most important video to put out for the last five months. But it required a LOT of editing. I whittled it down from 60 minutes to about 12. I went through several hardware failures and software failures and ended up starting over twice. And now the end still seems weird, but...
  12. paul wheaton

    making the best of electric heat

    I made this video in an attempt to sum up how I cut 87% off of my electric heat bill last febrary:
  13. paul wheaton

    kickstarter farmer laboratory: CFLs at 30 seconds

    It's been up about an hour and it is already 26% funded. Wow. So I started making another video (lots of you have probably seen gobs of my videos), but the equipment I bought turned out to be lame. The good stuff is gonna cost more than I'm willing to spend. A bunch of people pushed me to...
  14. paul wheaton

    how many people can REALLY bed fed from an urban lot

    A man with a 0.2 acre lot in Portland, Oregon has carefully weighed/measured all of the food he has consumed from his own land and how much from the store. He thought he would be able to feed four people. The results ...
  15. paul wheaton

    cold smoker + composting toilet = weird combo

    Just a weird little video of a woman that has one structure for these two very different purposes
  16. paul wheaton

    sharpening / peening a scythe
  17. paul wheaton

    slug moat

    In some regions, a garden can be completely wiped out by slugs in one day. There are dozens of strategies for mitigating this problem, but this was the first time I saw a "slug moat"
  18. paul wheaton

    free mulch - if you skip pulling the right weed

    This video shows Helen Atthowe talking about penny cress. If you leave it alone (read: don't pull it out or smother it like you might do with other weeds) it will reseed, grow in the early spring and then go dormant - providing your garden plants with a helpful mulch that does not compete...
  19. paul wheaton

    roundwood timber framing .... for the ladies

    So we watched the Ben Law DVD "Roundwood Timber Framing" which ends with a song about "nice and smooth for the ladies". Which then sets the theme for this podcast. Krista, the only female in this podcast, educates us on parts of the DVD that she thought ladies would appreciate. We talk...
  20. paul wheaton

    hugelkultur: raised garden beds that don't need irrigation

    I've spent a large amount of time overhauling this article on hugelkultur. New pictures, artwork and information. I think that this one article may be the best gateway from "weed and feed" to permaculture. Please, please, please pass it on: