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    Weasls 2, Us, 2. Rabies question perhaps?possibly GRAPHIC description

    My grandma has been having skunk problems in her for garage for a little over a year now. She finally got around to getting a hav-a-hart trap on tuesday. by wednesday morning she found she had caught the striped pillager of her garage. So she called the cheapest exterminator she could find, it...
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    '09-10 hunting season review...

    How did everyones hunting season go? Deer, Birds, Elk, Moose, whatever. Who got what? :D
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    Back for now I suppose...

    Hey guys, long time now chat. Haven't been on since summer, hows it going? fill me in on whats been going on around the forum, saw the new website part. looks good. I have been wicked swamp since school started, when December hit it hit hard, my Grandfather passed away shortly before Christmas...
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    Hung my Mom's mother's day present. (PICS)

    My parents went to West Virginia for the week do we decided to hang the shelf I (YES I) made for her for Mother's day. Without pictures and such on it yet. After a month of hard work, this shelf cost a total of $6.75 Top: Side:
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    Natural Remedy for Low Self-esteem?

    Another member has low self-esteem, any one know any remedies or ways to get rid of this? Thanks. :)
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    Anyone care to explain...

    Why this was a link at the bottom of SS uhh. This is SS not transylvania.
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    Goodbye Michael Jackson and now Billy Mays!

    As many of you have probably heard the 'king of pop' passed away due to a heart attack a couple hours ago.
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    Today, for wild brrok trout up in the mountains. I will post some pics (hopefully) of our catch (hopefully)
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    Pics from today.

    Snapped a couple pics Pheasant Babies:
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    MORE two legged puppies... ORGANIC FOOD COSTS worth the price?

    I got 12 more Chicks on top of the two I got from TSC. I also saw organic food 36- 40 dollars per bag. or non organinc food 11 dollars a bag whats the real difference?
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    Trail Camera PICS

    These pics are the same location where I shot my buck, Our blind is off to the left (if you look at the pics.) 2 could be bucks but we are unsure.
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    Recycling tips and facts

    I found a website while doing school work. I also realized, if I didn't look hard enoguh that there is no Recycling forum other than trash to treasure?
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    Hey I have new two-legged puppies!

    I got three at TSC today!The manager bought the other three. They are cute little Anconas I think. They were sleepy in these pics.
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    Turkey season

    this weekend is Turkey youth weekend. We jsut went scouting on the property that I shot my deer on, no body was home. When we got home to lock up the chickens I blew the locator call and in the still darkness came a gobble. It is such and eerie sound. I can't wait :D
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    People go for mushrooms, who goes for fiddlehead ferns?

    I'll admit we don't go crazy about finding them but whenever we go trout fishing we usually pick up a few...bags full of them. They are really good with trout. Who else finds these?
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    attention, read this (nothing too important)

    Happy Easter. First on this forum. Well everbodys first Easter on this forum.
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    Sunflowers popping up! pheasant food step 1.

    I put them in my little grow box, Germination says about 14 days, but I don't know if leaving the light on will quick up the time. Once they start to flower I will Cut off the heads, dry them, harvest them and then plant some more :D
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    "Sufficient Self" site recommendations/feedback

    I like this site Nifty, it has past BYCows and is almost close to TEG. I have noticed that BYChickens (which I realise is VERY large, almost too large :/) has an actual site TEG (which has a couple hundred more than SS) has a website...
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    you got to be kidding me!!!

    Snow in April :th
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    Good duck recipes? :)

    Seeing how I am going to process soem of te Evil out of the world, I think I should ask for a nice duck recipe, I am processing two Large ducks. Anything good :D