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  1. chipmunk

    Lost my kits......

    :( Major bummer.
  2. chipmunk

    Our dump finds

    It kills me what people throw out, when they could give it away. My DH tried to throw out his mom's silver sugar/creamer set, but I went out digging in the trash after I discovered he'd gone on a cleaning rampage, and rescued them. He's also thrown out his grandmother's jewelry. But, let me...
  3. chipmunk

    Bought Meat Grinder for 20.00 !!!

    Wow, what a great find! Don't you love yard sales? I got an electric yogurt maker at one for $5 years ago, and have used it ever since. One man's trash is another's treasure.
  4. chipmunk

    Checking this out tonight.

    Very cool. I hope it's as good a deal as it looks like!
  5. chipmunk

    Setting up shop! (Welcome to "Lulu's".)

    You can make hang tags yourself pretty cheaply; there are paper punches at the craft stores that make appropriate shapes. You could even make them heart shaped or star shaped, just to be different.
  6. chipmunk

    Sweet video

    Had to go get the tissues after watching that. Thanks for sharing it!
  7. chipmunk

    My buddy has passed.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Truly, as has been said, a good friend is a rare and wonderful thing. May God bless you for being there for her, that her last days were not alone. :hugs
  8. chipmunk

    It's Just DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

    I get tickled with the way people pronounce things sometime. We had a math teacher that said "iggle" instead of "eagle"; around here lots of people put light bubs into their lamps; and I have to stifle a giggle when people tell me their phone number starts with "sebm-sebm-oh". It is a little...
  9. chipmunk

    Please pray for our big dog friend, Spartacus.

    I'm praying, too. He's such a good, faithful fellow!:hugs
  10. chipmunk

    Check for Alzheimer's - Pretty Amazing!!!!

    hahaha.....wise guy! You got me. :cool:
  11. chipmunk

    Change For A Dollar

    That's the kind of change we can all believe in!
  12. chipmunk

    WAY COOL! Simple solar "plastic water bottle" lightbulb.

    Oh, this is all too COOL! :thumbsup
  13. chipmunk

    New Here

    glad to have you with us! :celebrate
  14. chipmunk

    What did you do to save $ today?

    Dehydrated tomato skins and ends saved from canning last week. Will grind them up to make tomato powder when I get a chance.
  15. chipmunk

    Stolen Cards

    She should have said "yeah, come on over", then called the police to visit with her as well. It sounds like the crook was stupid enough to fall for it...:/
  16. chipmunk

    Are you planting a fall garden?

    Planted some spinach and lettuce yesterday, as well as some more carrots. Will put in some green onions and peas some time this week.
  17. chipmunk


    True. :sick And if it doesn't tast gross, something's wrong with your starter.
  18. chipmunk

    Things I want but can't afford

    That's okay, Britesea! I tell everybody that life begins at 50, because that's about the age where things began to fall into place for me. I've always wanted an SS life, too, although didn't call it that until joining this group. Making things from scratch and using everything to its fullest has...
  19. chipmunk

    Go "Green" and just hang it up!

    I have a couple of ropes hung between trees that I've used for the last couple of years. Just lately, though, a bunch of teeny ants have discovered them. It takes an extra 20 minutes to bring in the dry clothes because i have to shake all the ants of of them and the clothespins, and I whirl the...
  20. chipmunk

    What do you WANT to learn to do?

    Beekeeping, crochet, small engine repair, making herbal remedies (BTW, Abi, we've used your cold remedy with turmeric & milk a couple of times, and it really helped!). The thought of raising fish in the back yard is also kind of intriguing (not sure I could get that one by DH, though... he...