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  1. justusnak

    Goat question....calm my nerves!!

    Last weekend, my Alpine Suzie gave birth to 2 little ones. A doeling and a buckling. Everything went smooth...quick...and I was relieved. My fear is...before she had the kids, when I put her feed in, she would gobble it up ASAP! Now, her breakfast will last her all day...sometimes at dinnertime...
  2. justusnak

    Sugar free Banana Bread. Not bad!

    So, since I am going to be doing a 3rd Thanksgiving on the Sunday after ours for my Father in-law who is a diabetic, I went in search for the "perfect recipes" for desserts. I found this one for Banana Bread...made it this evening....and...Its pretty good!!!!! It uses wheat flour instead of...
  3. justusnak

    Appetizers...need ideas, QUICK!!!

    OK, so we will be going to my sisters for Thanksgiving dinner, Saturday the 19th. I have to bring appetizers for about 15 people...I need something easy, pretty, and YUMMY! HELP!
  4. justusnak

    Garbonzo beans??

    OK, so my DIL gave me a can of Garbanzo beans. Ummmm, what the HECK are these things!??? What does one do with them?? Chic Peas? Ummm, ok...stews? HELP! LOL
  5. justusnak

    rty007.....needs our help.

    I was talking to him on FB, he is wanting to start a page, listing factual procedures on being SS. Like...start to finish, cleaning a chicken, deer, cow...etc. Maybe some of us can come up with a few ideas??? l kind of compendium of all the sister sites. about raising animals, growing food...
  6. justusnak

    ok Sweet potatoe Gurus....I need help!

    So, I was out in the garden this morning, and I noticed the cat was running through the sweet potato vines. Hmmmm....I better take a look see. Just as I thought, darned moles!! I pulled a few taters, they had mole bites in them. So, I decided to pull the rest of them so as to not to a buffet for...
  7. justusnak

    Butter me up!

    OK, so I have been separating the cream from the goats milk...I have just over a quart....and I am wanting to make butter. I have a butter churn, in the barn...ceramic with a wooden spool thingy in it that you pump up and down. OK, so...I need to clean it really well before I use it. Whats the...
  8. justusnak

    Cowboy Bob

    A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote pasture in Texas when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust.The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and YSL tie, leaned out the window and asked the cowboy, "If I tell you...
  9. justusnak

    Goat shares~!??

    OK, The other day I was at my PT appointment, and the subject turned to goats, milk, and cheeses. :P The PT's son was filling in for the week at the desk, and was very interested in goats milk and cheese. So, he asked me to bring some in for samples...and if he likes it, would I be willing to...
  10. justusnak

    can I...??

    Freeze my home made Mozz cheese?? I need to make a lot...but only can do a gallon of milk at a time, not a big enough pot. So, can I freeze it and it still be "good" later???
  11. justusnak

    Cucumbers...why do I sometimes get one that SUPER BITTER!?

    I have one little plant, of cucumbers. Every once in a while I get one that is so bitter, I can't eat it. It taste like ... well... I don't know...just bitter. :sick I pick them all just about the same size can't be it....and I use them as fast as I can pick them, so they are not in...
  12. justusnak

    I want to make cheddar....can someone help?

    OK, since I now have a great milking goat...she gives 3 quarts a day now....I would like to dive into making cheddar cheese. I guess I am just brain dead here or something, because I can not figure out what all these recipes are saying....mesoph#@%#@^ ??? Starter??? HU?? Some say use Butter...
  13. justusnak

    hand milking? Pails/buckets

    OK, so most of you might know, I am going to get a doe in milk next week. I don't have a stainless pail....I have enamel ware pail with a lid. Will this work? I mean, would I be able to keep it clean enough to not contaminate the milk??
  14. justusnak

    Arnica....I got some!!!

    So, this gal that brought me my Comfrey today, brought me some Arnica flower seeds! Organic!!! I am going to make an oil...for my foot, with some of them, and plant the rest. # Arnica is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing...
  15. justusnak

    Comfrey....yes or no?

    I have a friend that is wanting to give me some Comfrey starts. So, I looked into it. What are you all's thought on this plant? I read it is good for liquid fertilizer, and somewhat safe to use as a topical ointment, however it may cause liver issues, even death!! Since my foot is still...
  16. justusnak

    Baby carrots! Ewwwwwww.

    Baby Carrots you buy in the Supermarkets - Good to Know The following is information from a farmer who grows and packages Carrots for IGA, METRO, LOBLAWS, etc. The small cocktail (baby) carrots you buy in small plastic bags are made using the larger crooked or deformed carrots which are put...
  17. justusnak

    What a good idea, if you have plastic bottles.

    I got this in an E Mail...thought it was a great idea! Cut up a disposable water bottle and keep the neck and top, Insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw the top to seal.The bag is made to be air-tight, such that water will not leak, the secret lies with the top and screw cap! I am...
  18. justusnak

    Need advice..please about Nubian goat, with kid

    I found this in the craigs list...and was wondering if she was worth it?? I know NOTHING about goats...and there are 2 of them....but the whole "double teet" has me asking...will she be good for milking..without problems later?
  19. justusnak

    Mushroom Hunting....???

    So today I went mushroom hunting the first time ever! My son and I found about 30 Morels.... Then....I saw these black ones...not sure what they are...but they were pretty!! And last but not least...we found these. They are really Orangish/redish....just not sure what they are...Anyone know??
  20. justusnak

    Canning beef stew!?

    I want to can some beef stew...but I use barly in mine. Will it hold up to the processing?? And for how long would I can a pint? Help!