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  1. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    it is not an easy time for anyone. i'm trying to spend less time on-line because it is much better for me to do other things if i have the energy and capability. in the meantime, everyone be safe, don't be afraid to tell people they can't come over or in your house, be careful of items brought...
  2. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    that is why we leave the rings on because we have to stack them, we also put flats of cardboard between the boxes so there is two layers of cardboard between the jars and the rings holding things on. we've not had more than one or two seal failures over the years (thousands of quarts) and i...
  3. flowerbug

    Heating the house with sunlight?

    there are also other ways that might be less passive, but heat pumps, geothermal and using a solar set up to run pumps which move energy captured from the sun via solar hot water collectors can be used to make a lot of difference in a colder climate. for people who live in a warmer climate with...
  4. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    check! bye!
  5. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    there are per capita charts but even those do not really reflect how things are going because each area can be on its own trajectory of how the disease starts/gets spread and is then either contained or not so you have to pay attention to all of those factors... like we do not know yet how much...
  6. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    i think they're fine for years once sealed and not abused. i think it's just a marketing thing really. like the constant changes in amounts and packaging and then claiming "Now X% more!", etc. uh, who me cynical? heh...
  7. flowerbug

    What do you do to cut expenses down?

    ask him if he washes his face and rinses his eyes. might help even more. :) also if not wearing a hat to remember to wipe down the hair with a damp cloth so you're not spreading pollen onto your pillows.
  8. flowerbug

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    just remember to wash your hands after handling mail/seed packets from outside/new orders arriving.
  9. flowerbug

    hqueen's collection of Far From the Usual stuff.

    the opposite of a hairball... :) it stays down and comes out the other end...
  10. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    you have to understand the terrain and the climate. Singapore gets a lot of rain... a lot of rocky land, not many places for people to build, so very tight cities and then add a climate that does not get a lot of rain so grime would build up before being washed away. if you read up on...
  11. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    the issue of not touching eyes, nose, mouth, etc. is because this virus is very infectious. if you know that you have not touched anything that may be contaminated with the virus then what you do with your hands is not an issue. the broader skill of keeping your hands away from your face/etc...
  12. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    being stored in a stable temperature and a low humidity area would keep honey so yeah, Egypt in a tomb would be about perfect. honey for wound care must be monitored carefully! botulism forms in low oxygen situations and a coating of honey on a wound and then wrapped up in a bandage might be...
  13. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    the most important things are acidity and decent prep skills where you are removing any potentially hazardous things before they get put into the jars. if you are making anything with low acid chunks in it (in a higher acid brine or tomato sauce) those need to be cut small enough or cooked so...
  14. flowerbug

    Coronavirus Concern Up

    this is what it takes right now: if you can stay home as much as possible
  15. flowerbug

    framing fowl -daily living

    welcome back from someone more recent. :) if you have a lot of sand and find it hard to hold moisture/nutrients add a bit of clay to the garden. it doesn't take much to make a difference, but well worth it IMO.
  16. flowerbug

    A new journey into homesteading "pic heavy"

    rotten timing for sure. :hugs
  17. flowerbug

    I am going back to work

    i talked to an uncle yesterday for a while and where they are at in a retirement place they have it on full lockdown with absolutely no visitors. in order to get groceries they have to be delivered to a tent at the entrance and then all packaging gets removed or wiped down and then they have to...
  18. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    the fun thing is that while the calories might be safe they may not taste all that great and a lot of the nutrient value of certain vitamins are lost (others are more shelf stable). i am sensitive enough to tastes and off tastes that i don't use any spices in the tomatoes we put up either...
  19. flowerbug

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    it's very rare we have anything that old around here now. we did a large give away a few years ago to clean out the closet (which is our pantry) and gave away about 15 cases of things that were getting beyond a year old to make sure we had room for what was coming in that season. we have one...