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  1. Country homesteader

    Hey everyone!!!

    Hello! Hope all is well with everyone! I couldn't regain access to my account (Country Homesteader) so i had to make a new one. If the admins can assist me on regaining access to my other account I would greatly appreciate it seeing how I have updates and major milestones (including tragic...
  2. Country homesteader


    I was going to post a video tour of my new home but am being told it's too large so later on I'll take pics of it and post them.
  3. Country homesteader

    Valentine's day gifts (to and from)

    I received those from my boyfriend today. Yes a day early but they arrived via FedEx. Yes, I'm spoiled by my boyfriend and I'm proud to admit it. I cried happy tears and proud to admit he had me in tears seeing how I was expecting just a card with a box of chocolates...
  4. Country homesteader

    VA meeting thread

    Hello all!:frow I know I haven't been on here in a long time. Life happens!!! I'm no longer living in NY State. I just recently moved to Virginia, live in Amelia Court House now on Nov 4th, 2018. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other members who live in this great...
  5. Country homesteader

    Hearty Meals

    I had a dream that I opened my own dinner. One of the breakfast meals was served on a platter, constited of eggs (either fried or scrambled), sausage (links or patties), fried potatoes, pancakes (or waffles), biscuits with sausage gravy and toast. A lunch platter constiting of a sandwich, french...
  6. Country homesteader

    Dinner Ideas

    I have a container of ricotta cheese, a small brick of fresh mozzarella cheese, and some Parmesan cheese (both the mozzarella and Parmesan are in the fridge) plus I have a little shredded cheese is need to use up. I'm looking for a low carb dinner idea that I can use all those cheeses in that...
  7. Country homesteader

    2 Brand New Additions

    Well, yesterday I was the first one to notice that there's 2 baby chicks and another Mama hen. Today I ended up putting one of the babies in the hospital (small cat carrier in the house on the kitchen table) because not of an open wound but a sore foot/leg. I'm guessing it's only about 3-4...
  8. Country homesteader


    I like most veggies ( sweet corn [ butter and sugar corn on the cob], sweet potatoes, peppers, radishes, MUSHROOMS, spinach, etc). I dislike lima beans, okra. I will eat peas but only if they are in Macaroni Salad. The reason I'm doing this poll is to see what the more popular veggies would be...
  9. Country homesteader

    Getting acclimated to country

    I've lived in the country ever since the end of 2015 but before that I lived in a city ( Syracuse to be exact). I can't really say it's my place seeing how it belongs to an Uncle of mine but he drives tractor trailer for a living so I tend to it including the animals (4 steers and around 50...
  10. Country homesteader


    I'm looking for an old fashioned reel lawnmower. If you or you know of someone who is looking to get rid of one they no longer use. Let me know, please.
  11. Country homesteader

    4 Steers

    I think they all get camera shy at different points seeing how at least one decides to hide behind the others whenever I go to snap pics. But they all have different personalities- Taco very friendly, Mouthy Buddy will approach but skittish, Shadow and Houdini will back away
  12. Country homesteader

    My journey through the woods

    First pic- beginning of the woods Second - fourth pics walk through the woods Fifth pic- the creek Sixth - seventh pic- our private picnic/camp site I can't add anymore files yet it's saying allowed 10 and I've only got 7.
  13. Country homesteader

    Coffee done now

    Morning everyone! If you're waking up and have time to sit down with others for a time then pull up a chair or pop a squat and join in on the conversations. There's hot coffee, iced coffee and hot water for tea (and hot chocolate) plus juice and fresh cold water and fresh cold good for you cow's...
  14. Country homesteader

    Old fashioned cough syrup

    When my Great-Grandmother was alive and I lived with her. Every time I had a sore throat or a cough she used to fix a homemade cough syrup from honey and a couple other ingredients. I think lemon juice was one and brown sugar was another but I can't remember. Does anyone know about homemade...
  15. Country homesteader

    How do you clean?

    This thread/ poll is about cleaning the supplies you use for sap season. Doesn't matter what kind of trees you tap for sap including the evaporator, buckets, lids, spials, finishing pan and all the other stuff. Even if you don't (or aren't able), vote as if you do or how you would clean the...
  16. Country homesteader


    Has anybody else heard that catnip isn't just for cats? I just saw on a site that I'm currently doing research on for herbs that the leaves can be candied and eaten as a desert plus it's oils can be used to relieve the symptoms of headaches and nervousness.
  17. Country homesteader

    My hobby- plastic canvas needlepoint

    This is a project that I was making for an Uncle of mine for his Christmas gift but as you can see it's not finished yet. I'm actually making it without a pattern just got a pic in my head of how I want and expect it to look when I'm finally able to finish it. I think with me undertaking this...
  18. Country homesteader

    More than 1 rooster

    This Sat I'm going to be getting(2) 12 week old roosters. One is a Buff Orpington and the other is a Easter egger. There is already one rooster here and has been the only one since the chickens were first gotten back in 2014. What kind of issues/problems am I looking at? If problems/issues arise...
  19. Country homesteader

    Broody Hen

    I have this one Buff Orpington hen that I always have to remove from the nesting box at night when I gather the eggs. She never attempts to attack me unless my cousin is with me but if he locks them in and gathers the eggs she attempts to attack him when he goes to remove her then if he succeeds...
  20. Country homesteader

    Anybody else from NY?

    Hi, I'm Country Homesteader. I live in the country in a small country town in Central New York State. Is there others from NY? If so, I would like to conversate with you.