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  1. goatgurl

    NH Homesteader's journal

    what is up with you and storms kiddo?? and you had better not pull the doe code thing on us and decide "never mind. i'll do this later". tell dh not to let you leave the hospital with out both daughters. now as to time my guess is 2:36 am 1-5-18. praying for you and your family. hope...
  2. goatgurl

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. goatgurl

    Happy new year, everyone

    It is my hope and prayer that each and everyone of you have a happy and blessed new year.
  4. goatgurl

    December Dreaming

    we are suppose to have a solid week of below freezing temps. I see lots of water hauling in my future. watering bunnies with warm water 2 or 3 times a day. am trying the salt water bottles for the goat and sheep troughs. its working so far but well have to see what this week brings. I did...
  5. goatgurl

    Baymule's 3rd Lambing

    there seems to be a theme going on here, merry Christmas and happy new year. hope you don't have till valentines day for the next set. they are just adorable. I like that you are keeping some color in the ewelings. congratulations sheeple grandma
  6. goatgurl

    Thought I saw Bigfoot

    saw that, laughed and sent the picture to my daughter in sw texas. she is a huge bigfoot fan. just south of me in se Oklahoma they have a giant bigfoot festival every year. great fun. thanks for the giggle.
  7. goatgurl

    NH Homesteader's journal

    I had to laugh when I saw your I hate pigs post. I am soo with you. we took the bacon bit to the butchers last week. I told str#1 that if we didn't get him gone I was going to open the gate and just chase him off into the woods. I don't normally raise pigs except to butcher but when I bought...
  8. goatgurl

    NH Homesteader's journal

    so glad you are still all in one piece and that little person in there is patiently waiting to get out. not much longer. I hate that your dark Cornish roo is such a chicken butt. I've had mine for the past 3 or so years and he is really a gentleman. if he was as mean as yours he would be...
  9. goatgurl

    December Dreaming

    came wandering over to have a nice quiet afternoon and couldn't do it. all of you, yes all of you are such enablers, such bad influences. I got my bakers creek catalog the other day and placed an order. then read baymules blurb about bountiful seeds and had to order some things from them too...
  10. goatgurl

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    its taken me hours to catch up on your thread FEM. i'm so sorry about your parents. giant hugs for you, dh and them. my first piece of advice would be to talk to the hospice nurse about your dad and see if he can get signed up too asap then tell her you need respite and need it now. they may...
  11. goatgurl

    What's for dinner?

    oh man does that look good. I made a pot of red beans and rice with sausage today. sorry no pic yet but it's tasty.
  12. goatgurl

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    here I came to look at pictures and you guys are making me hungry. yes, being a southern girl I love me some grits. shrimp and grits, oh my whats not to love. and yup, @crealbilly I am also a big fan of mud bugs. and @baymule I saw your baby duck pic. did you get some baby muscovies? so far...
  13. goatgurl

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    good to see you DD. I've not been around much either. no rest for the weary. so what kind of pup are you getting? I love puppy breath.
  14. goatgurl

    Someday Farm, yup someday it will all be just the way i want it..........

    @NH Homesteader I have no clue what kind they are he just said they are the ones that look like wild turkeys. you'd think I would find out what i'm getting into but nope I just jump in with both feet. is the 24% food a game bird food? the mama part of me has to ask... you are taking care of...
  15. goatgurl

    More and more free wood

    :wootgreat blessing. and it is awesome that you plan to share it with others.
  16. goatgurl

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    stay strong FEM. lots of folks are praying for youall and the rest of the gulf coast. please keep checking in so we will know you're ok.
  17. goatgurl

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    keep treading water FEM. you can always use baymules boat to get to work on Monday. NOT!!! youall stay safe.
  18. goatgurl

    A Little Backyard Homestead Project

    @sumi i'm so happy for you. finding a place you will have room to work with and make it the way you want. can't wait to see pictures as you progress.
  19. goatgurl

    Someday Farm, yup someday it will all be just the way i want it..........

    just to prove to youall that I don't have a lick of sense I ordered some more chicks. i'm covered up with ducks but it seems that almost every hen I've had sitting has lost their clutch to those danged black snakes this year and since I only have a few cross bred hens I decided to get some new...
  20. goatgurl

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    FEM I know you know what your doing and how to take care of you and yours. keep your head down and your powder dry. I pray that DH's eye gets better. I had to go thru mom having macular degeneration and having injections and laser treatments on her eye. its a long row to hoe. again, you...