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  1. samssimonsays

    "Ditzy Goat CHEESE Recipes" Samssimonsays/Blazing Acres

    This will be the thread that I share all of the compiled CHEESE recipes that I use for "Ditzy Goat" and maybe I will share a fudge or caramel recipe here and there! ;)
  2. samssimonsays

    Just starting out with Chicks already worried about winter

    We bought 5 straight run Icelandic chicks (hoping for a couple hens and roos) from a local person hatching them and then I added in 2 easter eggers, one faverolle and a polish the next day because... I couldn't help myself. :hide I like variety and eye candy... We have yet to build them a coop...
  3. samssimonsays

    Samssimonsays goat milking journey

    As an effort to be more self sufficient i opted to get dairy goats for milk (i don't like cows milk) and making soaps and lotions. It has since turned into making cheese caramels and fudge with it. This is my milking journey to self sufficiency. I got my first in milk goat last may. She was...
  4. samssimonsays

    Samssimonsays everydays and what not

    I get all the weird things. Just a heads up! We have just under six acres where I raise Adga Nubians for their increased butter fat for cheese and soap making. Throw in a bitty Alpine who gives her heart and soul into her milk and an off kilter saanan Nubian mix doe we have 8 total. I...
  5. samssimonsays

    New member from Northern Minnesota!

    Hi y'all! I am just now joining and I can't believe it. I have referred here in the past as I was researching things for a homestead and just kept going. Now we are a bit closer to being more self sufficient with goats, their milk and making cheese and candies from it, making our own bread...