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    Growing mushrooms in logs..

    My husband and I love mushrooms..I’ve been looking into growing our mushrooms for a couple years but never got around to doing...this year is the year and we chose shiitake mushroom spores to inoculate logs that will give us years of mushrooms. I’m over the moon knowing we are finally going to...
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    Do you grow fruit trees or berry bushes?

    I grow a fruit orchard along with many different berry bushes.. I preserve or eat fresh as much as I can from them. I mostly like to can pie fillings, dehydrate, make juice and make jams or jellies. My apple trees haven’t given me any apples yet so I forage for them.
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    Do you save seed?

    I’m new to saving seeds as of the past couple years.. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent over the years on seeds as well as buying plants from the farmers market. I’m on a mission this year to learn to save seed from as many plants as I can.