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  1. Peckadoodle

    Horehounds candy

    Got some today at Tractor Supply for $1.49. Yep, tasty!
  2. Peckadoodle

    Chicken Soup - It's Time

    Simple...just start with well seasoned chicken or poultry stock. Perfect for leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Add diced tomatoes and the 5 C's (cabbage, carrots, corn, cumin and coriander). I add pasta after the soup gets bubbling, but pasta is optional. Top with taco chips.
  3. Peckadoodle

    Free ranging in winter

    Near Austin...still sunny, but the wind has picked up.
  4. Peckadoodle

    Free ranging in winter

    It is almost 80 degrees in Texas today, so no problem free-ranging. I tried; the chickens loved it until a couple of dogs (cannot figure out where they came from) dug under the fence and killed a few layers. Decided it was not worth the risk when they have a nice, safe, large pen. This...
  5. Peckadoodle

    Chicken Soup - It's Time

    Oh, that Turkey Soup looks sooo good...seems like it even smells good from here. We like Taco Soup made with good broth. Along with diced tomatoes, just add 5 C's: cabbage, carrots, corn, and coriander and cumin to taste. Top with Taco Chips. I also put pasta in ours, so am able to use a small...
  6. Peckadoodle

    Howdy from Texas

    About 10 years ago we moved from the "big city" to a plot of Texas Hill Country and followed in Farmer MacDonald's footsteps. We garden in raised beds and a large greenhouse, raise all sorts of animals (cattle, goats, doggies, chickens, runner ducks), and enjoy good old-fashioned home cooking...