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    It's felt like fall for the last week here. Mom even noticed it where she is about 200 miles away on the other side of the mountains.
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    Good morning!

    Welcome from Washington state
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    Hunting for food (in New Zealand)

    That's a lot of meat. Helps tons on grocery bill I bet. I know Oregon requires you to purchase a license, then put in for the tag lottery for specific areas. Usually as a hunting group. Dad is going with my brother and his friends this autumn if they get tags. Probably Dad's last time. Brother...
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    I use a Himalayan salt block. Works well for me and preserved my pits from fungus as well if I eat too much carbs. Maybe laminate the sheet and use a grease pencil to mark what you have? Rubbing a mark off when it's used isn't that difficult.
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    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    It is. I ended up at medical acute care from taking a bath with Calgon before I knew I had the issue. Let's just say having the equivalent of a nasty sunburn over your entire body other than head sucks. You don't want burns on certain parts of your body. I was given lotion for it and told to...
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    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    I react to the strangest things sometimes. I do read food labels because some things I know cause issues. Like I can't eat most commercial bread because of the dough conditioners. Mom kept going on and on about how I was probably celiac but I have zero issue with pasta. Many pastries are just...
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    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    Crystal Light makes me sick. Too many different chemicals in it. Been that way since they changed the formula back in the late 80s. Dad's diabetic and drank it a lot. Quit after the formula change as well because it didn't taste very good compared to the old version.
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    I just use a little round Presto for herb drying. Nothing takes very long. I stem most afterward, but catnip I pick the leaves off first and just dry them. My catnip gets huge. Up to 6 feet tall. Entirely covers sides of the chicken pen. Huge leaves. My cats don't care for it dry, but my great...
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    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome from Washington state USA It sounds like you're going to have a very nice place there.
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    I use a dehydrator because we have too much humidity to do it hanging here. I miss being able to try herbs in 6 to 8 hours at Mom's house just hanging under the patio awning.
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    Sufficient Self members with Poultry!

    I also have Satan's own hen. She's an easter egger. She very good at taking chunks out of me. I have scars. I much prefer the silkies. The most any of my worst ones do is protest verbally or a single light peck. I've tried to breed the most from the friendliest hens. All of them except for the...
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    shortages? thoughts?

    All of the bird flu is backyard flocks in Washington state here have had contact with wild waterfowl. We are still getting cases here.
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    I always wash my hands 3 times with lots lf soap if I havent been wearing gloves while dealing with hot peppers. It's usually still not enough.
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    What to can

    Well pressure canning would probably get rid of the chewiness of tripe, but I do agree it would probably just fall apart. Some thing just don't hold up well. As for commercial canning, they have firgured out the time and pressure for their product in their industrial machines which we can't...
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    What to can

    Extension web sites are super helpful. The one for a coastal county in my state had the best seafood canning instructions. There are some rules for canning such as no thickeners like corn starch as it prevents efficient heat transfer to kill botulism. That density is also why pureed winter...
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    Ohayo from Ohio!

    Welcome from Western Washington You just do what you can to be self sufficient where you are. Even in an apartment there are things you can do.
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    What Did You Dehydrate Today?

    I think they might work better as spaghetti substitute being dehydrated. Please let us know how they turn out when you use them.
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    Sufficient Self members with Poultry!

    They usually resist being moved violently. That's part of why I love Molly so much. She doesn't care which is super rare