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  1. BarredBuff

    Broody Biddies EVERYWHERE

    Last year, I bought 50 mixed pullets of Rhode Island Red, White Rock, Buff Orpington, Australorp, and Dominique. Between selling some, and the predators I have roughly 24 left. Well, this year alone we have had a broody RIR, a broody BO, two broody Australorps, a broody Dom, and a broody Easter...
  2. BarredBuff

    Let's talk about meat, dairy, eggs, hunting, and cooking on the homestead

    I have never been able to raise all of my own meat or dairy. I simply don't have the acreage to do so. However, through the years we have bought beef, and pork from local folks. I have raised numerous broilers and rabbits. We have hunted some years. I have always kept chickens for eggs. I...
  3. BarredBuff

    Late Season Hard Freeze Forecasted

    A freeze warning is in effect for us tomorrow night into Saturday morning. I have five rows of potatoes that are two-three inches high. Is there anything I can do to protect them? I do not have enough covering handy. Would a tarp protect them??
  4. BarredBuff

    Preparedness Lessons from COVID-19

    So, I am curious what are some specific lessons you all have learned about preparedness since this crisis began. I am going to reply too, but want to hear what others have learned!
  5. BarredBuff

    SufficientSelf's Bible Study & Devotional 2.0

    Some of the old timers here will remember the Bible study thread we had years ago. Now, more than ever, do we need to be studying, and devoting ourself to Biblical theology and doctrine. Everyone is free to comment and participate in this study. We won't worry about denominational lines too...
  6. BarredBuff

    Recipes & Meal Prep from Long Term Food Storage

    So, as the rest of the world begins to hunker down, what are some of your favorite meals for breakfast, lunch and supper that you like to fix from the pantry, garden, or freezer? I have several that I will share as we go. Let the discussion begin!!!
  7. BarredBuff

    The Flower Thread

    First flowers of the year!!! Love it!!
  8. BarredBuff

    The Gun Thread

    I think an adequate skill set and proficiency in firearm usage is critical to being self-reliant. You are able to hunt, and defend yourself and your property. I have several firearms that I use regularly for different tasks. I have an old single shot .22 caliber rifle that I used to dispatch...
  9. BarredBuff

    Coronavirus Concern Up
  10. BarredBuff


    Boogaloo Interesting article to read...
  11. BarredBuff

    Advice, Thoughts, and Opinions on Buying Land

    For the past several months, I've been shopping for a small farm to buy. It's largely been unfruitful at best, and stagnant at worst. What advice do y'all have for me as I shop for land? I need help!
  12. BarredBuff

    Struggling with persistent sickness...

    So, for the last four months, I have been infected with strep throat constantly. I've tested positive four times in four months. I am a school teacher and that provides me plenty of exposure to pathogens. However, this is my second year and I didn't have it all last year. I'm currently sick with...
  13. BarredBuff

    The Signs of the Times-- What are you doing?

    I'll have to admit that for the past five or six years, I've not been as zealous for preparedness as I used to be. However, for the last several months, my zeal has increased for it. I think the current events of the day have pushed me to that point. I feel like, today, we are at place where say...
  14. BarredBuff

    Owning your own business

    Does anybody here own a business and make your living from it? I've got a few ideas for a personal business to start up, but wanted to hear any words of wisdom from you folks.
  15. BarredBuff

    To plant or not?

    So, my garden has come together very nicely this week. It has dried out enough to work the ground and prepare it for the Spring. Simultaneously, they are giving excellent weather for the next week. I'd like to take this time, and plant my potatoes, green onions, peas, broccoli, and cabbage. My...
  16. BarredBuff

    Cheap, and efficient ways to fill a raised bed

    Folks, I am wanting to add some more garden beds this Spring to help free up space in the main garden, but to also diversify crop production more here. I am looking at adding several raised beds. I can build and construct them fairly easily. 1. What are some easy ways to fill raised beds? (No...
  17. BarredBuff

    Anybody raising chicks this Spring?

    I'm getting ready for the Spring, and eagerly waiting to rebuild my flock. I am culling out the old hens, and a few others that need to go. I am replacing them with: 10 Black Australorps 10 Rhode Island Reds 10 Dominiques 10 White Rocks 10 Buff Orpingtons I haven't raised chicks in 5 years...
  18. BarredBuff

    What are you planting in your garden this year?

    This is the first year that I have gotten to order seeds, and begin to plan my garden out in a long time. So, I am getting excited. The weather has been limiting already with all the rain since September. I need my ground turned, and manure spread. However, we haven't had any dry weather since...
  19. BarredBuff

    Backwoods Home Magazine to be printed again... WOOHOO! This was one of my favorites back in the day. Glad to see it returning to our mail boxes....
  20. BarredBuff

    Reviving Tomato Plants

    I got some free tomato plants at a greenhouse closing up for the season. They are in bad shape. They are alive, but very yellow. I brought them home and watered them with some MiracleGro and now fingers crossed they will green up. Should I keep watering them or go on and set them out in the...