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  1. eggrookie2010

    orange trees planting question

    I live is a big citrus area and no I doubt your tree will suffer. Lots of farmer around here have the occasional huge oak or eucalyptus trees in the middle of the orchard...maybe on purpose to mark where the well or smudge pots are. Certainly they wouldnt do anything to make even one tree...
  2. eggrookie2010

    Thinking of moving to Oregon/questions about gardens and fruit trees

    Thank you for this wonderful information. You know you can read all you want on the chamber of commerce sites but thats not the kind of information I want. I am just so so sad because I work very hard here on our place in the hills. I have a variety of 10 fruit trees, a large garden...
  3. eggrookie2010

    Thinking of moving to Oregon/questions about gardens and fruit trees

    Ok lets say WEST of the Cascades...Ive been checking out the photos on MLS today and do not even like the way it looks in that desert kinda area. I think cooler and greener than where I am currently would be nice....Ive checked Grants Pass, Klamath...trying to do my homework HERE before we make...
  4. eggrookie2010

    Thinking of moving to Oregon/questions about gardens and fruit trees

    Ok so I currently live in Central CA where I can grow anything and everything. Problem is if there is a SHTF scenario there are 37 million people here. We are looking into the idea of moving but my big concern is CAN I GROW ENOUGH STUFF if we move to central OR? Hubby suggested ID but that is...
  5. eggrookie2010

    General meds and antibiotics?

    I have a few books but there is NOTHING like having an experienced person to learn from. I wish so badly I had such a resource! I want to watch them pick which parts of the plant, how to prepare it for storage and use....sigh. So many arts from "back in the day" are lost. Im fairly certain...
  6. eggrookie2010

    Stocking Up, Putting Back, Prepping = Paranoia?

    Grasshoppers and ants. Im an ANT!
  7. eggrookie2010

    Any good pickle recipies?

    I have never tried to make pickles. WHAT type of cucumbers did you use so I can get them planted and WHAT recipes do you follow? Also...are pickles done in the hot water canner or pressure canner? (I have both) Is it a year shelf life like about everything else? Thanks for your input.
  8. eggrookie2010

    Pressure canning chicken

    snapshot....kick down on that recipe!! (sorry I hijacked your thread) Im reading up on the pressure canning cause I have never used one-only the water bath canner and Im scared!
  9. eggrookie2010

    Stocking Up, Putting Back, Prepping = Paranoia?

    Yeah thats just it! I work H*A*R*D and I like it just fine. I like the business. I like the end result. MOST people I know think we are nutty because we like it that way and they DO say they would show up here. Hey this isnt the Beverly Hilton. Im not your servant either.
  10. eggrookie2010

    What do you WANT to learn to do?

    Thanks for the inspiring post...forced me to make a mental list. keeping bees and goats, making soap and candles, getting confident with my pressure canner and learn some true field medic skills. I thought of some more stuff so I hit EDIT: I would like to learn an instrument. I love guitar...
  11. eggrookie2010

    how much for your farm eggs?

    @ so lucky....yes I re use them. I give 25 cents off if they return the carton with next purchase! @ Denim Deb these fit goose eggs so I bet they would work for your girl. Not very cheap though unless you buy a BUNCH...
  12. eggrookie2010

    Pressure canners.

    My hubby just bought me a pressure canner and Im SO nervous to try...even more so now. It sounds complicated! I have no one to show me the ropes wither. Sigh.
  13. eggrookie2010

    how much for your farm eggs?

    I charge $3.50 a cartons cost 4 cents each (600 in the package) on special from I tie em up with jute after putting in a business card. I call it "Tombstone Eggery and Aprons". My coop looks like an old west general store. I write the name of the hen and the date...
  14. eggrookie2010

    My greenhouse..

  15. eggrookie2010

    Tomatoes from seed?

    Wow lots of things to consider I see. I planted the seeds about a month ago. Ok here goes: 1. Warm enough....65-70 degrees. 2. Varieties: all heirloom seeds from Baker....Cherokee Purple, Plicer Vesy, Snow White, Violet Jasper and Chadwick Cherry. 3. I used organic seed starting mix by...
  16. eggrookie2010

    Neighborhood kids always @ my house

    Are you spying on me? This is SO my situation but the kids are here because they have a horrible family I send my kids in the house some days so they dont hear the goings on over there. So I have a moral dilemma too...keep the kid at my place even like 8 hours at a time or...
  17. eggrookie2010

    Stocking Up, Putting Back, Prepping = Paranoia?

    I LOVE this discussion...and see it started a Looooong time ago. And my brother is a ridiculous over consumer, know it all, no well as his whole family and I struggle with this idea too if I would turn them away. Both hubby and I are called crazy by our families but you know this...
  18. eggrookie2010

    Does Monsanto own the seeds you bought?

  19. eggrookie2010

    Railroad ties OK for a raised bed garden?

    This very topic is why I came to this forum the first time because I got so many different answers. I have a major gopher problem and dirt full of decomposed granite and so this was my solution. the beds are 2 rr ties high, 16 x 8 feet. I line the bottom with chicken wire to keep the gophers...
  20. eggrookie2010

    Aged Horse Manure

    I hope I didnt totally mess up...a few months ago I had hubby bring me a tractor bucket full for each bed out of the pasture, some a year old, some new stuff. I turned the beds right away. The beds rested for those months. I just turned them again this last week and only a few clumps of the...