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    Goat watch, not pregnant but acting she’s laboring

    Well y’all I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Today I went out and my goat, 8 years old, had some white stuff coming out of her bits and was a little swollen. Figured she’s in heat. Then my mom noticed she’s pretty bagged up. I’ve noticed her udder was a little bit lately, but nothing...
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    Library Bookshelf

    Give me a book and you’ve given me the world -unknown What are your favorite homesteading or self sufficiency books?
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    Messybun’s journal

    Well, hey there. I have a bit of a journal over on back yardherds but I wanted to start one here. I’m not rightly a farmer or anything of the sort, but I would love to whip this hobby farm into a homestead. So, I think sufficient self might be a better fit for my journal. When I was a...
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    Kiddo garden!

    Alright y’all, I’m expanding my garden. I’ve got an area about 12x16 very partial shade. I’m going to have to add a lot of manure to the soil and dig it up and all. But, I’m wanting to make it super fun for some kids! We’ll probably be moving in a few years, when I finish nursing school, but...
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    Rice weevil mayhem.

    Okay, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter so far and my usual small weevil problem is out of control. You can hear them humming as soon as the door is open. I’m thinking of sulfur smoking them. Seeing as I’ve never burned sulfur what are your safety tips? My total plan is to remove the hay...
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    Horse hair bracelet.

    I got some hair from my neighbor’s pony. Mane and tail. Does anyone know how to make a bracelet out of it? I was hoping to make it on the thicker side. How do I seal the ends and get it on and off? Most of what I’ve looked up doesn’t look like it could withstand a lot of wear and tear, this...
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    Can you store grain in buckets?

    Hello there! I have been a member on y’alls sister sites for a while, so I decided to join this one too! My main question is how long can I store flour in five gallon buckets? I live in a humid climate, so I don’t know if that will affect store times too much. Also, has anyone tried storing...