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    What other places. ..

    What other places does everyone here frequent? You have other go on?
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    Tried and true bar soap recipes?

    I've done some searching but would also like to hear from personal experiences on some tested soap making recipes. Or if anyone could point me in a better direction I guess that'd work too. Thanks!
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    Hello from upstate ny

    Anyone else here from around the area? In b4 getting a response 5 years later.
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    Goby, goby, goby!

    Anybody else having an issue with a goby infestation?
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    Budweiser's Garden, Projects, etc

    A quick background. I'm in my twen ties, like to garden, worked on a farm for half my life, and am waiting to be able to buy my own place. . Until then I'll stay busy at my parents. My garden pictures should explain most of my growing season. First picture is the beginning of clearing weeds...
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    Budweiser: It is Time.

    Going to start a journal, starting out with the question list I found in the sticky. I find myself a bit scatter-brained at times, and I will try to not be so confusing for those who may be following along. I'm a 22 year old male, raised in a pretty rural area, lots of farms, and located near a...
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    Free Sample Sites

    Does anyone else here hunt around to get free samples in the mail? I've gotten lots of health supplements/vitamins by doing this, and also have scored a couple gillette razors with shaving cream
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    Anyone here raise pigs?

    First post here, anyone here raise pigs? I'm thinking of getting a piglet this spring to raise for meat from my friend who breeds them... Just wondering what others do for pens, feed, etc. to get different ideas.