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  1. eggrookie2010

    Thinking of moving to Oregon/questions about gardens and fruit trees

    Ok so I currently live in Central CA where I can grow anything and everything. Problem is if there is a SHTF scenario there are 37 million people here. We are looking into the idea of moving but my big concern is CAN I GROW ENOUGH STUFF if we move to central OR? Hubby suggested ID but that is...
  2. eggrookie2010

    Any good pickle recipies?

    I have never tried to make pickles. WHAT type of cucumbers did you use so I can get them planted and WHAT recipes do you follow? Also...are pickles done in the hot water canner or pressure canner? (I have both) Is it a year shelf life like about everything else? Thanks for your input.
  3. eggrookie2010

    Im so depressed about this garden....HELP

    Out of 4 tomato plant 3 set fruit (not much either), out of 4 egg plants only ONE set fruit. Grasshoppers have wiped out nearly all my beans so Im trying again, cucumbers are bitter no matter what size they are. Squash are all fine. My pumpkin and melon plants are pretty slow and just now...
  4. eggrookie2010


    Anyone ever had a bad grasshopper issue? They are destroying my garden. Im paying my kids 10 cents for each one they kill...then I feed them to the chickens. Fly swatters is about all I have at this point. Anyone?
  5. eggrookie2010

    Weed abatement HELP!

    Hi Im the new kid here...Im looking for lots of resources for lots of things so bear with me. Today Im researching weed abatement. Im try so very hard to get away from chemicals. Roundup is currently my friend. I have 10,000 sq feet of crushed granite driveway about to sprout a springtime...